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Military and Industrial SiTEs Reuse (Mister)
Start date: May 31, 2006, End date: Jun 29, 2008 PROJECT  FINISHED 

For some years already many European cities are concerned with the reuse and revitalisation of brownfields. Brownfields are areas which were formerly used as locations for industrial or military purposes and which are now abandoned. Revitalising these areas instead of developing and consuming urban green or undeveloped land can improve urban space and can limit the land use in inner-city regions as it helps to avoid extensive urban expansion projects. Consequently brownfield revitalisation contributes to sustainable forms of land use. MISTER aims at designing and testing a new set of integrated actions which embraces the restructuring and renewal of towns by reusing derelict land. The project targets a more transparent and responsible involvement of the private sector. In particular private investors should become more involved in reuse plans. The partner regions from five different countries (Italy, Germany, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia) share the need for an appropriate reuse of existing buildings in decommissioned industrial and military areas. This need affects local decision-makers, urban and building planners, those responsible in the building industry and citizens in general. Expected Results: Long-term objectives of the project are to strengthen urban economies, infrastructures and social systems by setting up new tertiary functions, such as university campuses, services for small- and medium-sized enterprises and cultural services by reusing the existing stock of buildings. New public-private co-operative models will be introduced to promote urban restructuring. Other aims are the transfer of knowledge on urban reuse to private investors as well as the involvement of private investors in the revitalisation projects. The underlying goal is to conceive and develop an integrated and sustainable transnational model of urban growth. Specific results of the project will be: - A transnational survey to identify, document and exchange best practices in Europe concerning brownfield reuse and the involvement of private investors, - Feasibility studies to define the functional reuse of brownfields, - A transnational juridical-administrative-financial study to address a new model of public-private partnership, - A transnational study to introduce bio-architecture into the envisaged plans, - Establishment of a network of cities involved in brownfield reuse.

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  • 63.8%   625 000,00
  • 2000 - 2006 Cadses
  • Project on KEEP Platform

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