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Start date: May 2, 2016, End date: May 1, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Our project, called Migratology held in Gárdony in 2016, summer. Our 31 participants from different nations (Slovenia, Estonia, Italia, Germany and Hungary) with different cultural backgorund . We would like to give a new kind of thoughtway about migration, and this leads us to be better people and helps us to overcome on the differences. Our partners are very informed and the participants are partly touched, partly interested in the topic. We plan that show how can we handle this seroius problem in a positive way and how can we fight against exclusion. This way, there will be participants, who are in a disadvantageous situation due to their migrant status. During the programs, the workshops we would like the youth to interactivly debate about the upcoming topics, questions in a European Parlament-like way. We would like them not just to talk about these things, but to become active doers. To make all these happen, a refugee camp would provide the place, which is good because the participants would not only meet the problem and the refugees in peron but they could also work together and learn from eachother taking the cultural differences into consideration. In order to enchance more knowledge on the topic we will invite more refugee related organizations, who will interactively inform us about the issues.One of our goals is to raise awareness so that not only we but others should also think about the phenomena. To raise the awareness on this topoc, we will organize a flashmob on such busy places like in front of the Parliament or the Vörösmarty Squere, as we try to show people how serious the problem is and how we could solve it. In our opinion, a real trial would make a good effect on the participants. This trial would be a kind of stimulation, where they would be put in the shoes of the refugees, so that they could experience how it feels like. Of course in this stimulation, the emphasis is on getting experience and improving the will of letting refugees in, Further ropics of the project are the search for identity, the fight against exlusion, and the improvement of initiative skills. With these we would like to encourage the participants to help the refugees when they get home. They could start off in their close circles, maybe at civil organizations. The short-term aim is for them to see the opportunities for the solution of this problem, while Our long-term goal is for them to incorporate the gained experience in their life and benefit from them in fields of future workplaces, family, travelling, etc.

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