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Migrations enriching society
Start date: 15 Aug 2016, End date: 17 Jul 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Project "Migration enriching society" will be implemented in 7 European countries: Serbia, Montenegro, FYRO Macedonia, The Netherlands, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Spain with the involvement of 25 youth workers and local citizens. Base for the project are migrations and need to explore the topic and raise awareness into our local communities. Young people move for a variety of reasons. The roots of migration among young can be analyzed in terms of the “push-pull” model. “Push” factors are factors that drive young people to leave home. They are negative aspects of the sending country: poverty, unemployment, low wages; political, ethnic, religious and sexuality based persecution; war and conflicts, education; governmental problems. “Pull” factors are factors that attract youth migrants to a new location. They are positive aspects of the receiving country: higher standards of living / higher wages; labor demand; standards of education; religious and political freedom. In moving, young migrants not only see a lack of benefits at home but also a surplus of benefits abroad; otherwise the move would not be worthwhile. But there is also more other reason that push people to move from their origin. The situation in Middle East, war that is going on, pushed more than 400000 people to leave that homes and step on the other continent – Europe different then their place but still in their mind place based on solidarity, tolerance and democracy. With this project we want to make training course with the focus on inclusion of youth from different backgrounds and include them in local society. One of the best way to include youth is to give them the same interest and collect them around one idea. That means to put them in equal position and give them space for expression. NGO’s and their activities are good tool to promote inclusion. The youth coming from other countries needs to be include in society. The main aim of the project is to raise awareness among youth workers about working with young people from different backgrounds and to explore topic "migrations" in order to deliver knowledge to youth workers.Objectives of the training:- to gain skills and knowledge to youth worker and volunteer how to work with young people from different backgrounds and promote equality;- to explore the current situation of youth immigrants in each participating country in search for similarities and differences;- to gain ICT skills and knowledge by using internet as a source and place to promote campaign- to create network of youth workers with the aim to create space from better sharing experiences and develop in field of inclusion.- to get knowledge about concept of migrants, asylum seekers, immigrantsThe project will follow campaign on local, international level in order to promote how migrations actually enrich societies, solidarity and respecting human rights.
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