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Migration Never Stops
Start date: 01 Dec 2011,

This international youth exchange intents to investigate stories of Roma migration in all its facets in the past and present. Why did people want to migrate or under which circumstances where they forced to? What was the impact of migration on the lives, culture and identity of people? We believe that migration is a strong reflection of the human rights situation in a country. Why did this happen in the past, especially in the last 100 years, and why does this still happen today? This international youth exchange, coordinated by the applicant hosting organization RROMA from Macedonia, which brings together 36 young Roma and non-Roma between 18 and 22 years from Macedonia, Serbia, Czech Republic and Germany, will discover personal stories and different dimensions of Roma migration in Europe and in the world through field visits, share of experience between the participants and interviews with contemporary witnesses. We want to empower the young participants to use new creative methods and tools of Human Rights Education to engage and learn more about the history of migration and make a connection to the migration that is going on today. We want to empower young people to take a voice to defend their Human Rights and to develop strategies to overcome exclusion and discrimination.Our research of personal stories and history and our personal impressions will be documented on a webpage using video, photography, and multimedia, as well as in a exhibition to be presented in all partner countries. Additionally, we want to present the results in the “ternYpe – International Roma Youth Network” memorial conference around August 2nd, 2012 in Auschwitz, Poland.
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