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Migration - Challenge for Europe
Start date: Aug 10, 2015, End date: Sep 9, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The international training course - "Migration- Challenge for Europe" is two stage Erasmus+ project aiming cover, explore, discuss and deal with migration related challenges in EU and EECA region. The project content is building strong logical chain between two stages: Training Course and Youth Exchange in order to effectively rise up the awareness about migration and importance of integration process. Training Course "Costs and benefits of Migration" will take place in Rustavi, Georgia during24 September 1 October, 2015; it will bring together 32 participants from eight countries:Sweden, France, Poland, Italy, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Ukraine; The main aim of the TC is to give youngsters chance to rise up their knowledge about the migration process. In the contemporary world migration is one of the driving policy issues of our century and we are all affected directly or indirectly. Reasons for displacement are diverse - poverty, social or political exclusion, quest for a better life, studying or work abroad ... The first stage will be more concentrating on main terms and terminology; Types of migration: Internal, External, Emigration, Immigration, population transfer, step migration, chain migration; People who migrate - Emigrant, Immigrant, refugee,Internal displaced person (IDP), migration stream; push and full factors of migration: Environmental, Political, Economic, Cultural and general impacts of migration - creating and modifying cultural landscapes: diffusion, relocation diffusion, expansion diffusion, cultural markers; EU policy on migration and different actors dealing with the anti racism and integration strategies. Youth Exchange "Culture of Mi - Inte - gration " will be implemented in Viksjöfors Sweden 4 -11 May, 2016; it will bring together 40 participants from the same countries. The most active participants of the TC will come as a leaders and facilitators during YE. The aim of Youth Exchange is to continue discussion about migration and what is most important to explore how Sweden, Country hosting hundreds of migrants deals with all the challenges connected with migration; what are the key actions governmental or non- governmental sector implement in order to promote and stimulate the integration process. participants will use all the knowledge and information to be part of this integration process and by themselves become the ambassadors of integration in their counties. Overall objectives of two stage project are the following: - rise up awareness about migration in youth - explore EU migration policy in general - stimulate the idea of social integration and peace building - share the best practice connected with migration issues - encourage young people to be actively involved in social life - motivate youngsters to be active European citizens in general - promote non formal learning and present it as a tool for development - Promote inter-cultural exchange, tolerance and solidarity in general - Spread information about Erasmus + stimulate future cooperation Team of professional trainers leading the TC are having 5 years of experience in the field. Trainer from Georgia have been working on the governmental strategy regarding the migration for several years. Trainer from Sweden, have been working with the migrants for several years. Also local and international organizations working on migration issues, like as International organization for migration (IOM); Danish refugee council and International center for migration policy development (ICMPD) will be involved in the TC, they will send guest speakers to discuss issues connected with the field; The venue for both stages have been selected according to the need of project idea- Georgia, after signing the association agreement with EU, is actively working on the migration policy, but still there are a lot of challenges. participants coming from different countries can observe the situation and find the similarities or differences. They can see what kind of difficulties are in the countries who does not have migration policy fully harmonized with EU standards and during institutional visits they can give concrete suggestions to share their experience; And during YE in Sweden, participants will see the example of well developed migration policy. they will be able to see the difference policies and share the best example for their community. Also they will apply the knowledge they will get during TC and will have chance to be actively involved in integration process - while planning interactive workshops for emigrants. Organizers have decided to involve project development sessions in each stage in order to give youngsters concrete tools for future cooperation and let them choose the follow up activities of the project.
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