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Michelangelo: Unlocking European Fine Art

Objectives:The objective of the project is to provide European art teachers and students atsecondary school level with the opportunity to get to know the most famous and mostrepresentative European fine arts, including also those countries which are less knownfor their artistic heritage.Target Group:The project's direct target group are secondary schools art teachers, art students, andartists in all Europe. The indirect are all teachers who will benefit from this pilotexperience that could also be applied to other subject areas (besides art).Main activities:- Identification in each partner country the most famous and most representative artisticmasterpieces. At least 10 masterpieces will be identified in each country, at least onefor each century (from the Xth to the XXth centuries).- Analysis at national level of the artwork and the artist who made it. Contextualisation ofthe art work in the historical framework at national and then at European level.Interpretation of the artistic work. Collection of relevant documents related to theselected masterpieces (i.e. images of the art work, studies on the author etc.).- Creation an educational package on each of the selected artists.- Translation of all documents into English.- Uploading the educational package created on the Michelangelo Internet Portal whereit will then be possible to carry out a search of the artists and/or artworks accordingeither to national criteria and/or historical period criteria.- Application of the "wiki" approach to upload the material for the portal. The approach isbased on the successful experience of Wikipedia, with the difference that the uploadingof material will undergo a scientific check before being made available.- Trans-national comparative analysis of the selected European artworks so as tounderstand differences and similarities in the fine arts in the 10 centuries of Europeanhistory.- Trans-national on line training of secondary school art students on the European finearts using the Michelangelo portal in an active and interactive way.Expected outputs:- The Michelangelo Internet Portal addressed to art teachers and students interested inhaving a global view of fine arts in Europe.- Trans-national analysis of European fine arts.- Art teachers and students reciprocally trained on the topic of fine arts in all theEuropean countries involved.- Guidelines for the creation and development the quality e-learning and ICT based artteaching material.

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