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Международно сътрудничество в професионалното обучение
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

This project will give students of our school the opportunity to get acquainted with the experience and the achievements of our southern neighbor-country- The republic of Turkey in the sphere of agriculture by observing and engaging in the production process in a real working environment.The project tasks and objectives are as follows: to enhance the quality of professional education in cooperation with another country; to acquire additional practical on-the-job knowledge and skills in operating modern farming machinery; to establish new social contacts and enhance team working skills; to advance the language skills and the competence of working in an intercultural environment; to get to know the culture, the customs and traditions of the hosting country, to increase the competitiveness and adaptability of the students to the labour market; to get informed about the best practices and innovations in Turkish contemporary agriculture; to increase the motivation for professional development and to enforce life long learning incentives. The project is considered for 20 pupils from grades 10, 11 and 12 who are being schooled as technicians in the mechanization of agricultural equipment. Those are namely students of a diverse ethnic background at the age of 16-18 years of age who come from working poor families. They are getting a complex theoretical and practical training in the areas of plant-growing, animal husbandry and mechanization in agriculture.The students are hard working and ambitious young people who have distinguished career opportunities in the sector of farming in Bulgaria and abroad. The project will be accomplished in a partnership with the High school of technical and industrial specialties of the town of Chorlu, Tekirdag district, The Republic of Turkey. The field training will be held at different farms and companies as well as at the production facility of the partner. Project work will involve a three-week practical work training in Chorlu of one stream of students in April of 2016. One stream consists of 20 pupils and two accompanying persons.The practical training will cover the following areas of competence: getting acquainted with the operation of modern farming equipment; the automation and computerization of agriculture equipment; innovations in the growing of plants. A preliminary profession and language training will be provided to ensure the quality of the mobility and the stay in Turkey as a whole followed by an exam, thence the successful candidates will be selected for the practical training. The managing team of the project will make the necessary provision for the purchasing of insurance and the organizing of the transport to Turkey. The partner from Chorlu will provide for the accommodation, the running of the training, the transportation to the work places and the carrying out of the cultural program. In the course of the practical training the pupils will acquire new knowledge and skills in the field of agriculture. They will familiarize themselves with traditional and innovative technology used in plant growing and the mechanization of Turkish agriculture. They will be able to compare the state of the Bulgarian agriculture to the one in Turkey. They will learn to execute delegated rights and responsibilities in an independent performance in specific job roles being able to strictly follow orders and procedures related to the technological process. They will master professional skills to use when they return to Bulgaria. They will adopt habits and routines for working in a team. They will perfect their language skills and the pertaining professional vocabulary thus enriching their general knowledge and keeping up their motivation for a continuous life-long professional advancement which will set them off to a successful career path in the farming sector of the region. At the close of the project activities the students will be granted a certificate for accomplishment by the hosting school as well as a Europass Certificate of Mobility. All used materials and documented project outcomes will be published in the school newspaper and web site as well as handed out to the local press. Presentations, CDs, posters and flyers will be distributed among other schools of agriculture in the country in order to raise the awareness and motivation for future projects. By mastering innovative methods of professional knowledge transfer both the participants and the hosting school will improve on their intercultural competences.

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