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Международни здравни и хранителни стандарти за здравословно хранене
Start date: Oct 3, 2016, End date: Oct 2, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project "International health and food standards for healthy eating" is proposed by the school "Sv. Ciril and Methodii" located in the village Sindel, Varna region, where students are trained in the professions “Hotels, restaurants and catering "(811 010), "Cook"(811070) and the specialty "Production of culinary and beverages" (8010701), according to the list of professions in Vocational Education. The project activities include 20 students from X-XII grades, engaged in training practice, done on real placement/jobs in restaurants in Mellieha, Malta. The project is a European form of cooperation between the Bulgarian school and Maltese NGO "Training to Malta" with experience in organizing internships for young people in the tourism industry, especially related to activities and practice with food. The young chefs will become acquainted during the daily practice for 20 days (03/21/2017 - 04/04/2017) with the application of the international standard "Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points", a management of food safety through analysis and control of biological, chemical and physical hazards; the system of procedures in the production cycle of food standards; work in kitchens to provide nutritious and healthy food, as well as with the basic principles of healthy eating and lifestyle in this country. This is a very important practical training as the Maltese cuisine is famous in Europe with its healthy cooking style, because it belongs to the ‘family’ of Mediterranean food and familiarizing with these standards and their application will benefit participants in their future realization as specialists. The project helps to create skills for the implementation of changing the participants’ mindset in relation to cooking and create a shift from the traditionally transmitted from generation to generation bad eating habits that have been incorporated in national cuisines. This enriches the personal culture of students and helps them build corporate professional thinking, which is something new for these students. Upon completion of their education, the young chefs will be able to work in restaurants and expand the range of food offered in the restaurants, to cook healthy and dietetic food following set standards, to work with diet specific menus for children and adults with food intolerances and diseases, to apply techniques of processing vegetables, meat and fish following traditional Maltese cuisine technologies based on the experience drawn during the mobility, a spent time full of emotions experienced through the cultural impact, history and professionalism of the Maltese chefs mentors. The project allows for the acquisition of important practical skills of students from ethnic minorities in a small village, studying in the only vocational school in the region, gained as a result of the mobility performed in a Mediterranean destination well-known for its food culture. This practice expands their worldview and sense of equality, forms confidence in their own abilities that they can become good culinary professionals with the support of European financial aid program. The included English courses in the preliminary training featuring terminology from gastronomy and preservation of the culture and history of Malta, prepare students for good performance and presentation and is a guarantee that the certification experience through the Europass mobility documents and the national certificates that the school will issue, will meets European quality criteria.The usefulness of the topic, the right choice of project partner, the organized meetings with specialists from "Malta Standart Authority" (State Agency for Food Safety), the successful recruitment of mentors from eating places in Malta, contribute to the successful conduct of the students during the project activities and help them learn better about the cycle from "farm to fork", which ensures the preservation of useful substances for the body: vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber and antioxidants, means for the prevention of various diseases. The issued "Handbook with recipes for healthy foods" and prepared meals from the students at the closing culinary exhibition demonstrate what they have learned from the practice in Malta and affect the school community and the public of Avren Municipality. Local government supports the initiatives of the school mobility because they create conditions for overcoming the trend of young people leaving the region and transforming the school "Sv. Ciril and Metodii" in Sindel into a place for successful vocational training.
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