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Metode de predare centrate pe elev in context european
Start date: 01 Sep 2014, End date: 31 Aug 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The recent fundamental social changes have led to a new educational orientation, the strategic educational accent has focused from a fragmentary and punctual process ( knowledge, skills, detached abilities) to an integrated, holistic and emerging one (personal and social competencies). As a reply to all these requirements, teachers should use interactive teaching methods, within which the student would not be just an object, but a developing and forming human being. Following the principles of education based on quality, taking in consideration that The European Integration was a strategic option for Romania, and the educational system has to keep up with both external influences and opportunities, school must initiate actions which aim at national and European cooperation so that to manage to educate students in the light of European citizenship values. We have gained our experience after taking part in other four European projects within LLP programme, after eight eTwinning projects, after eighteen individual Comenius internships , experience which will help us unwind other Erasmus+ projects. This KA1 project objectives are: 1. 80 % of our teachers to use teaching methods focused on the student; 2. Taking part in European cooperation activities and begin partnerships with schools from European countries; We have planned to have 33 teachers from the total of 131attending structural courses, and in the future to prepare the other teachers and students and parents to benefit of the project activities. The main activities will be attending structural courses on the following themes: innovative methods in the view of enhancing learning motivation, improving teaching methods through proficient educational quality and efficiency, creativity and innovation in teaching and mending students’ behaviour in class, reducing school leaving, improving teacher’s skills in using ICT tools in interactive lessons, management and communication in education , the management of Erasmus+ funds, the development of communicative skills, the enhancing of entrepreneurial sense in order to get a better integration into the labour market. Apart from these actions, selection, training, dissemination , monitoring and assessment. We will use the methodology within the project implementation, thus it will respect the steps for this project which are mentioned in the Erasmus+ guide. The main results expected by the college are: improving basic transversal digital and linguistic skills when using a foreign language and improving the pedagogical and psychosocial capacities. Other expected products are: learning sequences focused on students, presentations, analyses, innovative teaching methods, electronic portfolios, project results dissemination on the blog, elaborating the college e-learning platform. The expected impact will be on the fallowing target groups: teachers, students, parents and local community and last but not least, on our institution. More exactly, taking part in this project will improve our teachers’ personal and professional competencies, will improve the communicative capacity and will update their teaching methods. On students, the impact will consist on getting contact with teaching methods, the possibility to communicate with students from the European Union, a better information about the European teenagers within the educational system, about labour market. Parents will find out the existing European opportunities for their children after graduation. As a consequence, our institution will benefit from a growth in the teaching quality, will get modernization and will update both the managerial and teachers’ level, will growth our fame and our acknowledgement at an international level due to competencies gained by our teachers through the Certificates of Mobility. The impact on the local community will be significant through our teachers disseminations, this offering the opportunity to find out details about the European community’s good practices. Long term benefits will increase our students’ performances due to teachers’ professional training, by attracting a great number of students institutionalized, participating to the European educational projects. More benefits can be a much better communication with the educational European community, a much better correlation with the European labour market, the growth of parents’ involving in school activities, the school mission internalization, a good example of good practices for other schools without European partnership implication.
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