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Methodologies and Tools Advancing the DesiGN and Validation of EGNOS/GALILEO Aware Applications (MAGNA)
Start date: May 1, 2009, End date: Apr 30, 2011 PROJECT  FINISHED 

"Positioning applications (especially in Europe) are based on positioning data mainly provided by GPS (and in the medium-term GALILEO), which in many cases may become problematic due to the low accuracy provided (thus preventing the take-up of services with high accuracy constraints), the low availability of satellite positioning signals particularly in urban areas and the reliability of the positioning information, the so-called integrity. GNSS Augmentation Systems like WAAS (in United States), MSAS (in Japan) and EGNOS (in Europe) has been a consistent attempt to overcome these GNSS problems and improve the positioning applications attributes, such as accuracy, reliability, and availability. These systems have reached today a quite mature state, however related technology and algorithms on the applications side have being certified and used with efficiency only in niche areas like the air navigation systems. Still the significant technological know-how of embedding EGNOS (in Europe) functionality in positioning applications, has prevented European SMEs, developing location based applications, from adopting these new technological opportunities, thus not getting them in a position to be able to exploit the accuracy, reliability, and availability offered by EGNOS (and future GALILEO) in their applications. This fact also prevents them from presenting new pioneering positioning applications, as it would require a huge EGNOS/GALILEO technology investment, which usually is outside of the core business of such companies. The MAGNA project aims to provide a viable solution to the aforementioned SME problems, by supplying the software libraries and tools required for the design and validation of EGNOS/GALILEO aware positioning applications, targeting SMEs who are seeking to improve their existing positioning applications, and launch new applications making full utilisation of the EGNOS/GALILEO technologies."

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