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Methodisch-didaktischer Einsatz des iPads im Unterricht
Start date: 01 Sep 2014, End date: 31 Aug 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The iPad opens up new possibilities for learning and teaching. Its technology offers ideal conditions for educational purposes: the device is light, it has a long battery life, it is always ready for use and there is an abundance of free or low-cost apps for use in the classroom. In addition it saves costs on paper hand-outs, as most educational content can be used and distributed digitally. This makes it easy for the students to carry with them and access their school material at all times, particularly the increasing number of digital schoolbooks and dictionaries, thus reducing the weight of their school bags considerably. When used in an educationally meaningful way, the iPad offers didactic added value in the classroom. It can be used to further gear tuition to the individual needs of the students and to keep a record of past educational content for quick retrieval; it supports and facilitates cooperation between students and makes it easy to carry out creative tasks with the aid of pictures, videos and audio; it can access a plethora of content from the internet; it offers the possibility of graphical rendering and true-to-life visualisation of many contents, thus facilitating understanding and assimilation of learning content; it offers the possibility of interaction with other students to further encourage autonomous learning. All of this helps with learning motivation, with its effectiveness, its long-term impact on the students’ educational development and with the future-oriented acquisition of competencies on the part of the students. The iPad also helps teachers to prepare lessons and to accomplish their administrative duties more quickly and more effectively. In addition, this project will focus on the technical infrastructure needed to guarantee functionality, and on the special requirements of the individual school venue. In this respect Wi-Fi and Internet filter solutions will be examined and compared, and specific equipment for the use of the iPad with a projector (e.g. AppleTV) will be evaluated. In this process we will be able to learn from each other and avoid expensive mistakes. There is still a considerable number of teachers who have reservations about using the iPad in the classroom. They are often unaware of how the device works and what educational potential it has. These teachers are one focus for our endeavours in this project. Teachers who already teach with the aid of the iPad in classes of students equipped with their own devices will present examples of teaching methods and apps and reflect on them critically. They will also sit in on their colleagues’ lessons in iPad classes and learn from each other. The results of these actions and practices (teaching methods, apps and insights) will continuously be recorded in a blog. At the end of the project the content of the blog will be edited and published as a pdf and ebook, which can be downloaded and viewed on a variety of platforms. Furthermore, the findings and insights will be propagated among teachers via in-school and regional teacher training events. In this way, the willingness and disposition to use the iPad in the classroom will be boosted among the teachers of the two schools involved in the project as well as in schools in the regions of Swabia/Bavaria and Steiermark, thereby resulting in a general enhancement of teaching quality. Thanks to the newly acquired knowledge in technology and the didactic use of media in the classroom, the competencies of the teachers and their willingness to teach differently will increase as well. Related to this is the enhancement of the professional image of the teachers involved. Alongside the monthly on-line conferences, for the exchange of experiences, the exchange on a hidden plattform and the jointly written blog, there will also be visits twice a year for personal exchange and evaluation. All of this will ensure the success of the project.
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