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METER - Monitoring, Evaluating & improving e Trainers Competences in a lifelong learning environment

The project is concerned with a specific theme, lifelong e-learning, and with a specific target group, teachers and trainers: its main subjects are the new categories in VET systems, the new psycho-pedagogical methods in delivering knowledge, the present technological and instructional media, actual competencies and know how of trainers and teachers, online classroom and tools. The partners concentrate on several basic contents and on the soft skills of the e-trainers: they must facilitate synchronous events, moderate asynchronous discussions, coach and motivate learners, promote collaborative learning activities. The project aims at delivering a complete specification of e-learning related competencies and skills, a set of quality indicators, a curriculum for e-learning skills for trainers, and coherent e-modules, a toolkit for managing and diagnosing skills and competencies. The expected results consist of a handbook and a classification of competencies and skills of trainers in e-learning, the synthesis of the methodological criteria that ought to be used to assess the trainers’ skills and to identify needs and gaps, a set of curricula for e-learning skills, different Learning Objects, a toolkit for skills and competence management.

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