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Meta Europe – Media Training Across Europe

This project developed a training course between 2004 and 2006 to help raise media skills of teachers working in non-formal adult education. Participants learned how to work with local social groups in the context of community media (particularly radio). They developed skills to encourage individuals and groups to speak out with their interests and opinions, thus introducing members of local groups to a new means of communication and cultural exchange. The increased use of podcasts, local and Internet radio stations, as well as other new information and communication media, has created exciting possibilities for getting people engaged in their communities. The training course “Speaking out! – Media competence and cultural empowerment” off ers an attractive and well-designed method of teaching the necessary social and technical skills to improve media aptitude in areas such as moderating and conducting interviews in radio production. The target group includes social workers, adult-education teachers, and other professionals working in local communities who are interested in engaging with people on the fringes of society such as immigrants, the elderly, persons with limited schooling, and the disabled. The partnership brought individuals to the project with an array of experiences and education in broadcasting, academic media research, project management, and other skills related to media production. It was able to draw from past experiences gained during two other projects entitled: “Creating Community Voices”, and “Digital Dialogues.” This project was faithful to the European ethos of diversity and intercultural dialogue, featuring 10 partners from 8 diff erent countries, all of whom were actively involved in the development of the training course and its materials. This multicultural setting allowed partners to improve their language skills, and all went away with at least some basic phrases in German, Polish, Hungarian, Italian, and Finnish. It was refreshing to see communication take place in this way. The curriculum and complete set of training materials are available on the project’s website. To learn more about the training course itself, enter “Speaking out” in the search engine of the Comenius – Grundtvig Training Course database.

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