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Start date: Aug 1, 2009,

The main idea of this Youth Exchange is to gather people coming from various cultural,social and economical backgrounds and to use street arts and street dance in particularas a tool for giving young people with fewer opportunities a chance to gainintercultural communication and teamwork skills. MET ON THE STREETS OF MACEDONIA willconnect 41 young people from eight countries - Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia,Albania, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Poland - in unique experience of combiningcontrasts and differences. Participants will learn street dances of different stylesinspired by movements as hip-hop, break dance or salsa and create street performancewhere elements of the popular culture will be synthesized with folklore elements.With this project we wish to encourage other non-governmental organizationsaround all the Europe, working with YOUTH IN ACTION, to involve young people withfewer opportunities in their local and international activities. The exchange is the firststep to stimulate long-term cultural cooperation among two regions of the Europe thatat the present are not well connected: South Eastern Europe and Central-Eastern Europe.MET ON THE STREETS OF MACEDONIA will give us a platform for exchanging non-formaleducation tools and ideas and for increasing intercultural competence of the involvedyoung people. The project will take place in Macedonian capital Skopje and last for eight days.

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