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Message in a Bottle - semaine interculturelle en cadre du centenaire du message de la paix de Fiquelmont
Start date: Aug 16, 2016, End date: Aug 15, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Message in a Bottle - project of peace in time for the centennial celebration of the message for peace from FiquelmontIntercultural meeting in Marienthal/ Lux from 13/8 to 19/8 2016 Participants: 32 young singers aged from 16 to 30 coming from the greater region (Luxembourg, Lorraine, Saarland, Region Trier, Wallonie and Ostbelgien) and from the region Ústecký kraj (Euroregion Elbe/ Labe).participating organisations:- Musikgesellschaft Auscha/Úštěk (CZ)- Choeur Robert Schuman Chor (LU)-INECC Mission Voix Lorraine (F)-Europäisches Zentrum für Chorkultur (D)contributors:choir: Rainer Hilger (B), Martin Folz (D), chef invité de l'Europe Sud-Estvocal training/language trainer: Zuzana Rasiova (SVK), Benedikt Wesner (D)writers workshop: Karin JahrThe idea behind the new project of the Robert Schuman Choir was drawn from the many recent events surrounding the commemoration of the First and Second World Wars. It was important to emphasize what these Wars had brought, besides massacres, lives destroyed and despair: namely, Peace. At least in Europe, this peace has held for 70 years, although we still have to fight for it every day. Many young people nowadays only know these Wars from the number of the dead, the displaced etc. By trying to create a link between the members of the Choir and those young people, who had left to fight in the Wars at the same age, we discovered the story of the message for peace from Fiquelmont.In 1916, before leaving to fight another battle, the German soldiers stationed at the farm of Fiquelmont (near Verdun, in Lorraine), hid a message of peace addressed to future generations in the ceiling of their rooms (this document really exists!). In this dramatic appeal, they beseech future generations to make peace with each other through a united Europe. An unknown finder discovered this message forty years after the founding of the European Union. Today many regions are in crisis, there is an influx of refugees and we are not sure whether the message from Fiquelmont will stop us in time or whether it is too late to save the peace in Europe.After a brief historical introduction, the participants of the choir workshop met in small groups to initially read the letter from Fiquelmont and prepare a response to the authors. They discovered that each region in Europe has its own view about the actions of the soldiers. Even seventy years after the end of the Second World War, perceptions of history are still very different.The experience of the reconciliation between France and Germany will be used to explore the historical context and the current situation as well as serve as a basis for learning, for example in developing the sensitivity for and understanding of the other, the purpose of intercultural encounters and the impact of changing one’s perspective to face up to different views. By experiencing the construction of Europe through music and through other joint projects, the participants “learn to see with the eyes of the other”.With the help of choral workshops, writing and other media the young choristers will be able to formulate their own message of peace to future generations. Their results will be presented at the end of the workshop in a choral installation at the Abbey Neumünster in the City of Luxembourg.
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