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Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Our Project Commission created at our institution; examined Works of Turkey’ s National Agency and decided to make Project under our school coordinator. Our organization determined subject of project’ s study, as "do internship of 12th grade students in education at Vocational and Technical Education ground". Then our institution for liaison with local and foreign institutions, has decided to contact Turkey’ s National Agency for the implementation of the project. With the Project to the participants; intends to increase their professional knowledge and skills, to increase their success with the quality and quantity that labor wants from employers, to increase interest in the profession, to learn the use of new technologies, the introduction to our country of the new technology and techniques, the recognition of a new culture, the development of foreign language skills, attend- improvement in attendance and achievement and aims to increase the employability thanks to this improvement. A total of 64 vocational high school students will be participating in our project. 2015- 2016 the school year in the 12th grade and doing internships: Martyr Teacher Hussein Ağırman Vocational and Technical High School's total 16 students from Metal Technology ground, Sabiha Gokcen Vocational and Technical High School's 16 from Clothing Manufacturing Technology ground, Halil Akkanat Multi-Program Anatolian High School's 16 from Information Technology ground, Toki Ali Duran Professional and Technical High School ' 16 students from the Food & Drink ground will be set as participants. Participants will be selected on a voluntary basis. Participants will be selected from students who are successful and less absenteeism. In addition, participants will be determined primarily by migration from the eastern and southeastern provinces. From total 64 number of participants in our project will be a minimum 32 participants girls. Our project consists of two parts, including training activities in mobility and mobility. Mobility activities are planned as 2 weeks. Mobilities; will be done between 01/02 / 2016- 15/02/2016 Austria's Berufsschule für Chemie, graphic und Gestalt Zealand Beruf institutions, between 08/02 / 2016- 22/02/2016 Holland's RDM in Makerspace, between 22/02/2016 - 08/03/2016 the Czech Republic's institutions in Prvni Soukro to Hhotelov Skola, between 22/02 / 2016- 08/03/2016 Hungary's Szent György és Média Informatikai at Szakközépiskola institutions. Training programs are made for educational activities. Training programs have been prepared in agreement with the recipient organization is planned to be 2 weeks. In these activities, are situated company visits and cultural excursions alongside vocational courses. In the initial phase of our project participants, will be held their families and guidance activities for companions and information seminars. Education and training activities will be planned and implemented in accordance with project objectives, of all the institutions necessary to determine the responsibilities and commitments will be documented, preparatory work to be done and logistical support will be given to all participants, project activities will be monitored simultaneously by the accompanying teachers and administration will be inspected on- site monitoring trips with project work, all of the training activities carried out to be certified, The project results will be evaluated and the project will be taken to be taken according to the output. The last step of our project methodology dissemination work will be done. Innovation studies, a subject not located in the vocational education in our country. Our students are hear for the first time they go to work in business innovation. So consists of a lack of students education. Our project will ensure the elimination of deficiencies on innovation. The project; foreign cultures and new languages to be recognized, new technologies and techniques to be learned, European education systems will be studied this process in our country is the adaptation process will be provided to pass more easily, professional qualifications of participants, quantity, knowledge and skills will be developed. In the long term the project moved to our country of new technologies and the increasing applicability of these technologies, the increasing cultural interaction at the national and international level, inter-communal reconciliation, internationalization and will be improving the quality of education. Increase in the employment of our participants, ensuring compliance with the private sector and innovation activities, they increase the feeling that confidence and I do, entrepreneurship and R & D to increase and European citizenship of our participants of requests for work are the aim of our project is to increase awareness and our participants to provide employment in the member countries of the European Union and to eliminate the need for skilled technicians.
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