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Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

In all areas of scientific, technological, cultural, economic and social developments that happen in the Worldwide should be modernisation and internalisation with vocational education. This project is going to contribute to decreasing of the students’ dropout because the internship implementation promblems, to develop of the industry and the vocational education inclusive students between the other students’ basic sufficiency, entrepreneurship and digital abilities in EU full membership process. Especially, the developed countries in the vocational education area have a place to use and transfer of their knowledge and skill technologies utilisation process and methods to the other developing countries that has been served in this area. Within this framework, in 10,11 and 12th grades of Graphic and Photograhpy, Clothing Manufacturing Technology 5 inclusive students and totally 17 students within scope of the participant project will gain to work experience by doing internship as EU Standards in the facilities of Italy and Spain from EU countries for 3 weeks. And also, the participants who in EU membership process will get an opportunity to see and study of knowledge , skill and new technologies use in related facility. Especially, we mention about the orentation to the EU standards and globalisation in these days, following to the technological developments and will be increased the qualification of the vocational education implementing. By moving of our vision of being a center of quality vocational and technical education with the specialists in their field with, the project partners will be able to extend to their point of view as mutual knowledge and culture share with this project will be contributed to the education implements at the level of EU of Gazi Mesleki ve Teknik Anadolu Lisesi. This project will be set a good example to the schools which have inclusive students of this field in Turkey. It is anticipated that this project will be contributed to train personel who can practice one’s profession in the light of the scientific developments and can reflect of technological developments has equipped to knowledge and skills. The project partners will increase to the employement opportunities that has a member of profession by gaining to the new technologies in Europe management of the required profession knowledge and skill field. It will be contributed to all industry factors and their beneficiaries and contributed to train persons who can be competitive international markets by searching from employement market, in accordance with obtained the knowledge and skills and in the light of scientific methods , reflecting to working area of the newest Technologies. In the field of the vocational education, education and employement relation , the adaptation of vocational education policies’ development strategies, potential growth fields and focusing to the fields of skill deficit and aim to improve by in keeping with European Qualifications Framework. The certificates that will be issued in the end of the training activities will be contributed to meet to the qualified workforce need of the establishments and will be increase the employability of our participants who are at risk about out of the employement and social exclusion. And also, this project is supported to the education rights protection understanding of person who needs special education and possible to exposure to the social exclusion that is take place in lifelong learning factors innovator ,Europe 2020 Strategy and EU Handicapped Parliament Report. There are two different projects within school , according to the results of needs analysis that implemented to the industry in the frame of a prepared study programme between dates 1st June 2015 and 1st June 2017 and the settlement will be realised between 8th Nov. 2015 and 28st Nov. 2015 in Italy and Spain. The host institution supposed to prepare of study plans, logistics support, accomodation, nutrition, orientation and the communication with the internship representatives. Besides, the participants will be certified with the European Credit System for Vocational Education and Training (ECVET) and participant Certificate in order to be known easily at the level of EU among the countries during the implementing of internship obtained to vocational skill and sufficiencies, by aiming to support of a strong integrity among transparency and identification vehicles in cooperation with the host institution. Knowledge ,skill and gains when the implementation of internship will be shared with our teachers , local and national press, RAM, İŞKUR, ESO, ETO and MEB (The Ministry of National Education) prepared written and visual materials It is anticipated that this project will be contributed to our society improvement, sustainable economic growth, better job opportunity, employement market and needed skills of competitive economic, qualified workforce, human and social fund growth.

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