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Mesleki Eğitimde, BEP’li Öğrenciler İçin Özel Eğitim Metotları
Start date: Sep 1, 2016, End date: Sep 30, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

For people with light mental disabilities in our country, the level of secondary education, vocational education based on the principle of equality of opportunity is being rehabilitated on the other hand getting the adequate occupational categories, employment and participation in social life and development of the national economy, business schools, the education that is possible. In Turkey, people with light mental disabilities, such as people with disabilities is clearly seen in the results of the research done on 20% of special education, vocational training, 13% of the benefit. Accessibility of educational services in accordance with this ratio seems to be behind the European Union countries. Based on the data in our country due to the specific situation in which the vast majority of the disabled population needs special education and is a continuation of work (vocational) training was unable to see. 2010 Turkey Disability Survey data, the total population of people with disabilities by 78% is not included in the labor force, and about 20% are employed (to see, According to data from the State Personnel Department 54 thousand while the number of employees with disabilities in public institutions should be run only 9966 people with disabilities are employed as civil servants in the public sector. The State need to run `ini employs a total of only 18 per cent of staff with disabilities. 82 per cent of the cadres have the `standing on an empty assignment will be given. Some of the strategic objectives of the Tenth Development Plan, employment and competitiveness, the strengthening of social solidarity, to improve the quality and efficiency of public services. However, people develop themselves in the labor market and emphasized the importance of professional knowledge and experience that they increase. Disabilities, health, education, rehabilitation, employment, care and social security in all respects with the solution for the problems of development and taking measures to ensure that eliminate the obstacles in front of them to ensure their participation in society and make the necessary arrangements for the coordination of these services are the responsibility of the state (see Disabilities Act No. 5378).The aims of our project;1) To obtain more innovative training environment s and methods for students with light mental disabilities,2) Flows obtained by making use of the data to ensure the transfer of knowledge,3) Disadvantaged students with disabilities as stated in the European Convention on Social Rights, effectively ensure the rights of vocational orientation,4) Qualifications can provide appropriate employment opportunities, vocational training, to improve the service to the profession by choosing to develop. In this regard, by providing vocational training facilities in Europe, providing employment in our country, sharing and dissemination of good practices in schools or institutions, by examining the primary objective of the project. Disabled participants that EU member states for the realization of this goal, vocational training institutions, administrators, counselors, vocational counselors, and teachers with special education systems and the functioning of these institutions, private training methods, training, technology, tools, training classrooms, training curricula , education, media, training, vocational guidance and so on. applications shall solicit ideas from observing site. The methodology, used in conducting the project, is transparency and openness. Every activity and writing in the project will be recorded and financial expenses will always be open to inspection. The project has 5 local and 4 foreign partners. The total number of participants is 20. All the participants are VET teachers and guidance teachers at VET schools and the Guidance Researc Center. The budget of out project is 29880 Euro. The project has 4 flows in the Netherlands and Sweden . It will be held in June 2017.
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4 Partners Participants