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Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Project time is 1 year. Within the scope of the Project that we will coordinate as Bismil Vocational and Technical Education Centre, there will be 3 flows to 2 different countries in total; 2 to Portugal and 1 to Hungary. 20 trainees and 2 companions will attend to each flow. Our Information Technologies department trainees will get training on “Preparing Web Tools with Pictures”. With the training they will get, there will be a contribution to the development of students’ vocational information in informatics by teaching them new techniques. In today’s world where the use of the Internet is everywhere in our lives, with more catchy and more appreciable techniques, the topics subject to information sharing and giving will possibly reach more people. The trainees in the Electric Electronic Technologies department are planned to have training on “Satellite Receiver Breakdowns”. With this training, they will get vocational information about how to identify the breakdowns in this area in the right way and how to create fast solutions properly. In our country where satellite receivers are used in almost all houses, it will be easier for the participants, who have developed themselves in their fields, to be employed. The students in Wood Technologies department will have training on “Furniture Assembly” and they will gain the ability to learn the tools and auxiliary elements used in furniture assembly in details and to assemble the furniture without damage. They will have the chance to get an applied training on different assembly techniques. The existence of qualified intermediate staff will provide positive contributions to the sector and will also make the employment of the participants easier. Besides, it will be a step to solve the problems regarding the application of the vocational education in our institution and the information gained in Europe will be tried to be integrated to our curriculum. With the dissemination studies to be done after successfully completing the Project, the number of the schools informed about and aware of the program will increase in the region and the information gained in the trainings will be shared with these schools. This will provide significant contribution to the prestige of our institution. There will also be a progress both institutionally and regionally regarding the integration to the European Union. Moreover, the experiences to be gained by our trainees in the Project in terms of learning new cultures and identifying themselves within a foreign culture will importantly contribute to their personel and social skills. The students will have the opportunity to practice foreign language and they will progress a step forward regarding the vocational terminology information they have. The details about the flows within the Project are as follows: - First abroad activity will be on “Preparing Web Tools with Pictures” in Escola Secundária de Rocha Peixoto, Portugal, between the dates 20.03.2016 and 02.04.2016 with our 20 trainees from Information Technologies Department. - Second abroad activity will be on “Satellite Receiver Breakdowns” in Escola Secundária de Rocha Peixoto, Portugal, between the dates 17.04.2016 and 30.04.2016 with our 20 trainees from Electric Electronic Technologies Department. -Third abroad activity will be on “Furniture Assembly” in Kaesz Gyula Faipari Szakközépiskola És Szakiskola, Hungary between the dates 08.05.2016 and 21.05.2016 with our 20 trainees from Wood Technologies Department.
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