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Meslek Lisesi Öğrencilerinin Avrupada SCADA Stajı
Start date: Sep 1, 2016, End date: Aug 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Since most of the institutions and bussinesses in our region and our country started to use the SCADA system rapidly, qualified personnel in this field has been needed and the need is increasing day by day. That has significantly affected the production and services adversely. Rapidly evolving technology has revealed the SCADA's real value and this value will increase over time.Also as EMRA stipulated the use of SCADA, it is expected to be of much development in this area in the following yeras. It is possible to see a lot of SCADA applications in Turkey. SCADA systems are used in many industrial enterprises,in Botas' s natural gas line, in power generation and distribution,in water tanks of many of the city's Water and Sewerage Authority, in pump stations and for controlling measurement points. In August 1999, when a big earthquake occured in İzmit,Turkey, the main steel valves in the network were immediately shut down automatically from the SCADA control room, 27 regional regulators were also stopped simultaneously, after the control of shut down by valve rooms officials, gas flow of the entire system was cut off. In this event, a major disaster was prevented by SCADA. SCADA is a very important business means to produce more and better products with a minimum cost, to reduce dependence on human power, to ensure the safety of life and property and to use resources efficiently. With SCADA, it’s possible to response a fault in the electrical manufacturing plant quickly and safely. So, in addition to the job security, it can save time and money.The main objectives of the project;-To provide participants the necessary knowledge and skills about installation of automatic control systems, management system failures,-To provide participants see the SCADA applications and new developments in Europe, -To contribute to the participants’ employability by increasing their knowledge and skills on SCADA systems,-To raise participants’ professional competence up to European standards,-To provide participants international standards in the profession of SCADA Operators,-To raise the education qualıty and the quality of institutions and businesses in our country which make applications and training in the field of SCADA,-To examine closely the Occupational Health and Safety PracticesOur first mobility in the Project is planned to Koningwille I College,Netherlands with 13 students and 1 companion teacher,second mobility is planned to S:t Eriksgymnasium,Sweden with 13 students and 1 companion teacher. Mobility activities will take place during the holiday period and is planned to be carried out between 22.01.2017- 02.05.2017. Participants in Project Management will be elected by the Commission in a transparent way the criteria and procedures described in section E. All participants have a basic knowledge of SCADA.The main activities that will be held in the project:-By this Project the participants will be trained on SCADA systems. Also there will be studies and business trips about SCADA systems-In order to develop language skills and to sustain the project activities in abroad easily, travel and professional English training will be held to the participants-Besides documents to be provided by the partners,by the help of data to be obtained on the Internet, a detailed cultural preparation program will be presented to the participants by our English teacher.-Participants will be informed by our partners about what they will do when they have a problem in abroad where the mobility to be carried out.-During the mobility, by doing internships, students will develop themselves about SCADA systems.-During the mobility, our companion teachers will improve their Professional development by guiding the students doing internship.-By recording the achievements and the innovative approaches acquired after mobility, dissemination of them will be provided.The Methodology To Be Used While Implementing the ProjectThe project will be handled in three steps. 1st step is the preparatory step before the implementation of mobility actions, 2nd step is the internship, social and cultural activities starting with mobility, Phase 3 is the dissemination and sustainability of acquired achievement and innovations. At these steps; lots of research and learning methods will be applied such as test, analysis, survey, comparison, monitoring, Trial and Error, Living Learning by Experiencing.The expected results and impact of the project:At the end of the project, participants will have comprehensively studied on working structure of SCADA system and will have researched new uses.So, besides the personal achievements, information,which will contribute to the efficiency of both existing systems and new sytems to be established, will be acquired and will be shared. Furthermore, the Project will provide important information for SCADA operator who will end the need for qualified personel.
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