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Meslek liselerinin Yiyecek İçecek Hizmetleri bölümü öğrencilerinin Pastacılık alanında Stajı projesi
Start date: Sep 1, 2016, End date: Aug 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Our project was mainly prepared for students who are getting mostly theoretical standard education in vocational education system to enable them to get modern information and experience regarding their field. The participants will be selected among 11th and 12th grade students who are studying at food and drink services of Vocational High School. Apart from changing food and drink habits, the social, cultural and economic changes in society, women’s having more space in labour force , time management’s becoming very crucial; most people’s making living on food prepared outside the house instead of preparing food at home a habit , high incomed foreigner or local’s westernizng consuming habits accellerated the demand for eating and drinking places.Food and drink sector is always in a constant and dynamic development because of the globally and fastly changing market and competition conditions. The importance this sector is gaining regarding economic, social and society angle is continuing through increasing day by day. And this situation lead food and drink services field to develop fastly and to become an important economic activity and thus an important employment field. Especially, the number of operations focusing on pastry products and giving importance to production styles like houte-couture is increasing day by day. In those fields; to be able to string along with conditions of competition, the human force having appropriate competent vocational education on tourism sector, having competences which the sector is looking for, be able to serve at world standards, well trained and qualified is needed. Our project aims to train persons in labour force about Portugal cuisine who are studying food and drink services and face with the risk to become unemployed and by this means them to gain enough competences to work in big hotel kitchens, especially. With this aim our participants will be trained in the kitchens of our partners, whose details are provided at partners section, about pastry and Portugal cuisine.With our project, we believe that we will draw attention to contributions that food and drink services can add to tourism and different food cuisines will be important in tourism sector and tourism incomes. It will bring a new conception to vocational high schools who raises qualified employees to this sector which is very important for the economy of our country.The participants will have an opportunity for testing practically the theorical skills they get in modular systems of their schools.When the project is approved , contact and promotion meetings shall take place and press releases will be distributed. After the selection of participants online language support will be provided. To support this training, vocational foreign language materials will be prepared under the scope of our project. Besides culturally preparation meetings shall be organised. During the mobility, which is our main activity, training will take place appropriate with already planned training content. During the period spent in abroad cultural activities will take place apart from the training. And during the project time press releases will be prepared, local radio programmes will be organised, online survey forms which participants fill will be prepared, project promotion documents including project cd’s will be sent to public authorities, and target companies.During the implementation of the project, the planned activities are mainly under the management team’s responsibility. Out of management team, selection commission and monitoring and evaluation commissions will be formed. The functioning and selection criteria has been determined. During the project, they will work according to a certain agenda. The responsibilities of the hosting organisations are also determined in detail.

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