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Meslek Liselerinde Değişen Eğitim: Okul İdaresi ve Eğitim Personel Yeterliliklerinin Artırılması
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Renewing The Education in Vocational Schools: Raising The Qualifitaions Of The Administrative Staff and Educators This project aims to enhance the success of Vocational Schools by raising the qualifications of the administrative staff and educators and so enabling an effective communication among the students, educators and administrators. That the secondary especially the vocational schools teach the students aiming early school leaving, having irregular attandance at school , feeling not related to school, having the behaviors intenting to disturb the lessons or behaving in an unfavorable way at puberty, creating disturbance by making groups or gangs at or out of school, using drugs or smoking at early ages has made our school launch a project to get useful abilities to prevent all. Till now, solution oriented implementations by teachers , advisor teachers and deputy principals of the classes with the help of counsellors consist of the ones which have met with partly success. The problems unsolved cause that there happens the students leaving the school early and cause the students to have irregular attendance at school,feel not related to school,have behaviors intending to disturb the lessons or unfavorable behaviors at puberty,create disturbance at school by making groups or gangs or using drugs and smoke at early ages. It is known by the education staff that the education systems in most Europen Countries have succeeded by educating well. That the good and the better is to be used in education , it is hoped to see the quality development internationally by monitoring the implementations or the qualifications of teaching staff and by arranging and using them at school. We aim to develop and change the students' profile of school which is identified with usual vocational schools, by solving the problems of/with students with the help of getting lots of qualifications such as qualifications of the administrative staff and educators, personal and professional development of school staff, new approaches to individual differences. The education activity planned to do with ADC College is appropriate for all the school staff at school because of the aims of project. But as the activity in England requires high level of English, the applicants who are to attend the course are the Deputy Principal(an English teacher as well) and the English teacher of the school. These two applicants have the ability and capacity to take the advantage of the course efficiently. As it has been made clear about the aims of the project, the course activity has been and to be planned for the project purposefully. 'Human Resource and development in the 21st century,individual differences and diversity, practical knowledge for developing individually and professionally, learning and development,work motivation and job satisfaction,group works and giving group presentations and feedbacks questioning what the aim is, where and how to be implemented, why this activity is done and whom this project focuses on' are the detailed contents of this 5 day course activity. It is aimed to develop the quality of education internationally by raising the qualifications of administrative staff and educators,so it is planned that the individuals -educated and lead by the staff who are motivated, has developed individually and professionally, aware of the individual differences and diversity, communicate well are expected to be school lovers, respectful to himself and others, obey the rules and aware of the bad habits. The ultimate profits the project aims are the developed education consolidated with the right approaches and implementations, and the graduates who are conscious,respectful and aware socially in the society and job market.
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