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"Menschenrechte öffnen Grenzen!"
Start date: Aug 1, 2014, End date: Dec 20, 2014 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The topic of the project is „Human rights open the borders!” This project will be maintained by four cooperative partners from Bulgaria, Germany and Russia and the main participants in it are teenagers. Twenty-four teenagers at the age of thirteen up to eighteen mostly from poor families and families with the emigrant background have been already involved in the preparation in their local areas. They will be dealing with the following issues: human rights research, interviews and using different kinds of media for the project. The results of their research will be reported by the participants themselves in the form of some issue containing pictures und comments on the theme of the project. This report will be logged on so that all the participants can have a successful opportunity to communicate with each other and exchange their opinions on the above mentioned topic. After that when all the participants meet together in Cologne, the results of their research will be completed into the brochure to offer a happy opportunity for everybody to get in touch with it. It will be found out what groups of people were affected by the problem most of all and how the media reacted on it. What were the arrangements made by the social organizations and the feed backs got from the teenagers themselves. When the meeting is finished, the conference will be held with the presentation of the whole project. The cooperative participation of each teenager within the project will be observed by the educational trainers and tutors. At the end of the project the results will be evaluated and the participants will get the Youthpass as a recognition of the non-formal education. In the Youthpass the personal abilities of the every participant will be pointed out and profiled. In the evaluation phase the teenagers will have the online meeting again and they can discuss either the positive spots or the negative ones they have faced within the project. They also will discuss the perspectives possible for the future project. The whole topic is focused on the researching the problem of the human rights of the children and the teenagers. What rights do they really have to be developed in everyday’s life? What rights are they deprived of? This meeting of the teenagers from the different countries can give the good opportunity to overview the present situation with the human rights in their own countries and to get in touch with different cultures. This meeting helps to understand the variety of different cultural and social tendencies of the countries presented. The aim of this project is to give every teenager the successful possibility to develop their abilities and personal features. The cooperation in the researching of the same problem features out the character of solidarity and develops the tolerance in communication with the others. They can get some experience of being the active members of the society based on the democratic principles of the equality. Moreover this project intensifies the communicational processes, cooperative work in the field of the international after-school activities.
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