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Mens fervida in corpore sano: Learning through food and physical activity.
Start date: Sep 1, 2015, End date: Aug 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Mens fervida in corpore sano: Learning through food and physical activity. As the project title suggests, the emphasis is on activities that form the building blocks of everyday life and which interest young people. Moreover, the innovative approach based on mentor groups, social media, students' video material to get them to speak and not just write, and games, makes this project fun for teachers and students, both of whom are the learners in this project. Indeed, thanks to new technologies and improved concertation systems with school management, this project aims at developing a sustainable environment that embraces the positive potential of our changing world, without rejecting our rich cultural heritage. In addition, students will learn that they live in a world of many colours, shapes and forms, and by learning about and from disabled athletes, the able-bodied will discover a lot about themselves, including discipline, a balanced diet and what physical activity is best for them. What's more, by becoming part of an international team, they will push themselves to communicate and interact in new ways, honing life skills. These competences will certainly be noticeable in the people from the world of work they will come into contact with, such as bank managers, publishers, local elected representatives, nutritionists, top chefs and journalists. Thanks to first-hand experience, some of them may well be attracted by a career path in one of these fields. Not only will students discover all about nutrition and their own regional dishes, they will learn to cook and share the experience with people from a different country. Whether they win the title of Eurochef 2017 or have their contribution published in either the national-language or English-language cookery book, they will have learnt much more than just a few recipes. Maybe they will be among those who have gained entrepreneurial experience by drawing up a business plan or worked on marketing the cookery books. But they will all be working as a team, learning to listen carefully to one another, to concede a point or to boost a team member short of encouragement. And they will realise that attention to detail, whether it be in producing high-quality publicity for public meetings or a carefully worded letter to a local elected representative, is often the key to success. In this way our Erasmus+ project aims at developing the tools for "average" high school students who sometimes lack motivation and for innovative teachers longing to find stimulating ways to help their students achieve more. The open educational resources produced will remain the backbone of ongoing teaching practice at the end of the project, so that this project will be just the beginning of many more successes!
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