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Mens en Mangroven
Start date: Dec 1, 2011,

Stichting Commundo in the Netherlands works together with DHARA in India and their Dutch counterpart Mens en Mangroven (Dutch Foundation). DHARA en Mens en Mangroven are developing the living conditions of the people who live in a peripheral area close to the mangroves in Orissa (East India). In our EVS project we want to make young people from both the Netherlands and India aware of the relationship between man and habitat. Global environmental challenges is one of the main themes on which the youngsters will work. The objective of the volunteer work is to explore and deliver the possibilities of the use of reliable and renewable energy related to economic activities. This will result into rural development in Orissa.Two groups of 10 youngsters from the Netherlands with a multi-cultural background (youngsters with fewer opportunies) are together with local Indian people in India (Orissa) are going to explore and deliver solutions for the use of renewable energy related to economic development. For this reason they stay 2 weeks in 2 small villages and they will stay at peoples homes.After their service both the Dutch youngsters and the Indian participants will be aware of their relationship as world civilians. The Dutch participants will show a change in knowledge, insights, attitude and behavior. More specific they will learn the pratical impact of the Millenium Goals 7 (environmental sustainability) and 8 (global partnership). They will disseminate the results among other young people in The Netherlands by teaching at schools in cooperation with the Centre For Development Cooperation at Lelystad (NL).
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