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Start date: Jan 1, 2016, End date: Dec 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Mnemosyne is a strategicpartership in the field of youth, from Erasmus Plus Program. In these project we participate 6 association, Asociación Juvenil del Valle del Guadalhorce, from Spain, as coordinator association. Associazione Agrado, Italy. Asociatia of Tineri din Ardeal, Romania. Toros University, Turkey, Straßenkunst - Verein für innovative Jugendarbeit, Austria and Hellenic Youth Participation, Greece.Mnemosyne´s main objective is to encourage creative-formative tissue culture, our territoriesis to promoute the youth participation . Through non-formal education activities that promote interest in participation, artistic and creative abilities of young people. And involve entities from our territory to create synergies between them and the young participants that generate the spark needed to get it.In the myth of Mnemosyne (the Greek goddess of memory, mother of the nine muses or arts), we find an etymological link between the different arts and memory, through which we understand as forms of knowledge specific to one culture or time , they are linked to the creative process through which memory and identity of that community develops. Demonstrating how the creative process is established as a form of exploration and a way to learn about ourselves because we are part of that culture. Taking as reference the myth Mnemosyne methodology proposed training that develops from the individual learning needs, to the collective. To result in an individual artistic expression (work) in which knowledge of the international group that has developed is reflected.Through an online training course which involved 60 young people, 10 from each country represented, youth work the three lesson plans Memory, Identity, Languages and Mapping, as a training tool using a Moodle platform that allows interaction between working´s groups intercultural, heterogeneous and interdisciplinary . The training has four phases for teaching unit, 1st reflection, 2nd teamwork , 3rd execution of works and 4th self-assessment.The objectives of this training are to promote the capacities of participants in learning to learn, increase their creative and artistic skills. In an education that promotes the values of equality, entrepreneurship, sustainability and inclusion. Once each teaching unit is finish, there is an event to present the results of training in a partner institution, which through various dynamics present the results of Mnemosyne and give information to the audience about the possibilities of Erasmus Plus present.To support young people in their educational process will be formed, a trainer of each entity in the methodology Mnemosyne proposes, a training course to be held in Malaga in April 2016 and which enables the trainers experience before beginning online training, the Mnemosyne methodology, so that this experience may agree with the basis to implement the training, taking into account the needs and particularities of an intercultural and interdisciplinary group.Didactic Magazine Mnemosyne is the results obtained during the formation , an educational magazine that features training on the report through the three teaching units (as well as online training) Identity, Languages and Mapping, which includes a methodological guide will get the learner facilitates the use of the magazine and guide in the learning process, proposals for training and evaluation exercises. In addition to photographs and links to the results of the participants of the online training that serves as a reference that enrich the training.The magazine will be presented at an event multiplication simultaneously in each country during the event all events are connected by streaming connection.To carry out these activities, the participants entities will work in network using different computer systems to coordinate the activities of implementation, monitoring, evaluation and sustainability.
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