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Start date: Jun 1, 2016, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

PARTICIPANTSProject’s participants: vocational training second – third course students of the cook–waiter profession.Project’s duration: 2016 06 01 – 2017 05 31, total 12 months. There will be four internships to Malta, Spain, United Kingdom and Italy. Total number of participants – 26 and 4 accompanying teachers.PARTNERSConsortium composition: Kaisiadorys School of Business and Technology (coordinator), Elektrenai Vocational Training Centre, Aukstadvaris Agricultural School, Veisiejai School of Business and Technology.Hosting organizations: IZI Ltd. (Malta), Esmovia (Spain), Idea-M (United Kingdom), AMFI Agenzia per la Mobilità e la Formazione Internazionale (Italy).OBJECTIVESProject’s main goal: during the internships to improve vocational skills, specific professional, main common competences and language skills of cook–waiter profession students.Other objectives:1. to educate specific professional competences of the participants;• to be able to prepare meals containing fish or seafood, be able to serve tables for fish or seafood dishes (in Malta)• to be able to prepare traditional Italian dishes, be able to serve them to table (in Italy)• to be able to prepare beef meat dishes and sauces, be able to serve table for hot meat dishes (in Spain)• to be able to prepare breakfast meals, serve customers during the breakfast (in United Kingdom)2. to raise the level of participants’ main competences and skills, especially taking into consideration their correspondence to catering sector and labour market;3. to encourage participants’ entrepreneurship in the field of food preparation and serving, to educate abilities to work in business environment and various situations, to increase initiative skills and self-sufficiency;4. to raise the level of participants’ awareness and understanding of other cultures, sociability and tolerance;5. to improve participants’ foreign language skills.REQUIREMENTS1. Professional:• to acquire specific professional competences;• to raise the level of main professional skills and competences, especially taking into consideration their correspondence to catering sector and labour market;• to acquire better occupation and employment opportunities, to improve perspectives of future career;• to acquire entrepreneurship skills in catering sector, to acquire skills how to work in business environment, how to act in various situations and to increase initiative skills and self-sufficiency.• to introduce with business organizing, activities schedule making, work culture;2. Individual:• to improve foreign language skills;• to educate communicational skills in foreign environment;• to raise self-esteem and self-confidence;• to raise the level of cultural awareness and understanding, sociability and tolerance;• to get familiar with foreign culture, broaden cultural outlook and number of professional contacts.EXPECTED PROJECT’S RESULTS• Completed professional training under the internship program• Acquired internship’s evaluation certificates–Europasses, certificates of hosting organizations and project’s coordinator’• Professional competences, acquired during the internship, are acknowledged by ECVET• Made reports of internships• Raised level of the participants’ professional competences according to their professional requirements• In a real work places improved main practical skills of participants giving better integration possibilities in labour markets• Improved language and communicational skills of the participants• Raised level of participants’ self-confidence, initiative skills, entrepreneurship, sociability as well as tolerance and cultural awarenessEVALUATION DOCUMENTSAs the evaluation of acquired and improved skills, every participant will acquire:• Europass• Certificate of hosting organizations• Certificate of coordinating organizationDISSEMINATIONProject’s dissemination main goal: to introduce target groups with project’s implementation, its goals, activities and results, to spread positive EU support possibilities and encourage people‘s tolerance, cultural awareness and understanding.Methods of project’s dissemination: stands, articles in web-pages and regional newspapers, booklets about project, presentations of the internships.IMPACTMain impact of the project: during the internships cook–waiter profession students will improve their vocational skills, specific professional, main common competences and language skills.Other impact:• Participating organisations will increase the level of international collaboration between educational organisations;• Consortium schools will be able to suggest competitive learning conditions;• Employees of consortium and hosting partners will improve their organisational competences, acquire international management skills and good practices of their colleagues.• Acquired experience will lead to better implementation of this and upcoming projects.
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