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Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

In 2013, Mr Plantard and his team who work at St Joseph school at Carquefou decided to create a plan about the new technologies to complete the delate about the knowledges in Technology at school. They have already started this year to decite to create a new website in order to facilitate the communication between the different actors and to make it more attractive and easier to use and to have good results. People who will go on the website of our school will be able to see a new look and effectif changes. The organism who is responsible for the gestion of our school, the headmaster and some teachers worked on this plan to answer to the real needs of the school. During two years, all the team is receiving a formation to make it competent with the new tool and the new concept too. Concerning the plan of he building of new classrooms and the way to fix up the new informatic materials in the classroom, teachers are going to attend courses about new technologies to know how to teach this subject according to the school plan and the aim to make pupils more participate at this plan. In this context, Mrs Le Normand, would like to go abroad to work on this project to make her teaching more attractive and interesting for her pupils without loosing all the knowledges she received during the last formations thanks to Comenius programmes and the formation thanks to Erasmus in Oxford about the new technologies. She would like to go on building up her "know-how" adding the teaching of new technologies and the teaching to work with a european country by using eTwinning. She would like to bring a new and a more international dimension to her school. Her asking is not fortuitous but her aim is to continue her ambitions about the idea to find a European plan and to share her teaching with a european school. At the moment, she is aware that she has not finished her plan and not answered yet to the main objective in European exchanges. She thought that it's a real opportunaty to believe that she can still work her plan with all the team which spends time to think how to improve the communication in the school and to prepare pupils to be ready to become the new european citizens in tomorrow's world. Before the school was not very well equiped but it realized today how much it will be important to work on this subject. To succeed, the headmaster and all his team decided to work on this plan but we all need a real formation to bring a concrete teaching. The result in the school will be to give a new and modern image and also to give a more communicative and concrete dimension to our teaching for the families, the different actors and for the Europeans plans. We have more and more families who travel and work abroad. On January the 31st 2015, the "open doors" showed us that the parents are very sensitive at the English teaching in our school and all the plans we have to motivate the pupils. Many parents agree to say that it's so important today to be open-minded to the international reality and that the teachers organize their teaching to place the pupils in the center of a plan which shows them this importance.
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