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Start date: 01 Jun 2016, End date: 31 May 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

C.E.I.P Las Rehoyas is a school center of recent creation due to the union between two educational centers whose students and families have a low social-economic status. The necessity for searching new methodologies to the academic attention and development of the students has made us introduce this project in which it is expected the achievement of the methodologies and necessary activities to the reduction of dropout presented in our center. In the need requirements analysis conducted in our center, it was detected not only the necessity to improve the diversity attention, to develop the intercultural relations, but also the necessity to improve families’ involvement in the teaching-learning process of students and their participation in the daily life of the school.In order to achieve the aims exposed above, C.E.I.P Las Rehoyas wants to provide its teachers the opportunity to stay in four different countries of the European Community with the intention to observe their good practices. The main goal is that teachers could deeply acquire knowledge, skills and methodologies necessary to produce an improvement in students’ performance and efficiency and, thus increasing the quality of the teaching process and the school. Likewise, the development of this project leads that the faculty could improve their English and French’s linguistic abilities. Moreover, the students could develop their level in these two languages by activities through eTwinning virtual platform, because they could share projects and they could communicate with each other.The project includes four activities of “Jobshadowing” or observation of good practices. The person who will coordinate and manage the “mobilities” is the accredited in School Mediation and Equality with the help of the teachers involved. It will be possible by using the bi-weekly meeting time of the commission of internationalization created during this school-year in order to discuss the project’s development.The observation stays of good practices will be carried out in schools located in Portugal, Italy, France and Denmark.In this last case, we have contacted with the education department of the local authorities in Aalborg, which will give us a wider vision of the area, because they control 56 schools.The ones who are going to be selected are those participants with languages’ knowledge, professionals credited by Consejería de Educación de la Comunidad Canaria and members of the management team who are relevant to achieve all the project’s objectives.Two people are going to stay in order to observe: a professor and a member or the management team. Each of them will have a different work program and well structure with the intention to make the best use of the resources that every accommodation center offers us.The research visits are based on:* Strategies’ development for attention to diversity.* Families’ involvement in the school through new technologies.* Open education model (school – families – local authorities)* Improvement of linguistic competence.The transmission of the outcomes will mainly be carried out through the center’s blog in its collaboration in a radio program provincial level and, also, its publication of an article in a scholar magazine called “Tamadaba”.The acquired capacities through the exchanges of “good practices” with these four schools will be shared and put into practice by the school’s cloister in the different areas, as it will be done an analysis of the improvement or not of the academic results obtained by the students after the application of the new methodologies. Similarly, it will influence in a very positive way on the integration of our school in the CLIL project which it will start to arrange the next course.Thanks to the diffusion plan designed, not only the students and the families will benefit from the project; also, other schools in Gran Canaria will take advantage of the results of our learnings. The impact will reverse students, teachers, families and the communities and authorities close to the school. Moreover, the impact will be valued by means of quantities and qualities. The outcomes will be analyzed and evaluated in order to improve the educational quality.
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