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Mejora de resultados académicos del alumnado del IES La Fuensanta
Start date: Jun 1, 2016, End date: May 31, 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The Institute of Fuensanta is in the city of Cordoba. The environment of the school is in the neighborhood of the same name in an area of ​​the city characterized by a socio-economic and cultural level low and medium-low.The economic crisis of recent years has led to many of the families of our students to an even worse situation. Unemployment levels in the area of ​​influence of the center are over 30% to 60% higher levels of youth unemployment. We need to improve the interest and academic achievement of our students to try to have a degree and knowledge that allows them to obtain better skills to get a job and break this bad academic, employment and economic status. Therefore, from the management team they have been raised to the teaching departments two lines to work on proposals to improve the center. One of them is about healthy lifestyles and the other aimed at improving academic achievement. In this last line departments produced documents continue to follow a protocol for students with pending subjects of other courses, which have been working in two academic years; and this year, we are also seeking the attention to diversity.Therefore the departments of English, French, Music, Geography and History Physics and Chemistry and Electronics, we thought that employ new methodologies of teaching materials based on our many in the use of information and communications technology, they can help us teachers to make students interested in the subjects, and one of the consequences will be to improve the academic performance of our students, which ultimately will lead to academic improvement of our students which involves not leaving his studies at an early age, and they can continue their training. By this we aim to make both job-shadowing in other centers, characterized by its good results or the high degree of employability of its students, such as training courses based on new teaching-learning methods in countries where education is leading.Basically there are two types of activities that our school asks, 4 job-shadowing in schools and 2 courses organized by international organizations and institutions.We therefore request the offset for 6 teachers, belonging to the participating departments. They are teachers with level B1, B2 or C1 in English. Three will move in the academic year 2016-17 and three in 2017-18, which will be the end of the project. In the case of job-shadowing, once I accepted the commitment by the receiving facility shall be taken into account that we agree on the period of stay in the partner activity center (about one week). In this case we must take into account matters such as school holidays of both countries, the general program of activities in both centers, the best time of year to make it more effective and fruitful activity, etc.The teachers of this center already has experience in participating in training activities organized by the European Union and other actions at national level (educational leave) and regional (language immersion). In all cases the results have been highly satisfactory.The results obtained are easily visible both on the students directly, as other fellow indirectly. Teachers have a greater capacity to transmit knowledge, produce teaching materials and resources and transmits greater security to their students.As for training in new methodologies and ICT, students undergo a treatment of the contents of different, more motivating, more participatory, more innovative, more striking. The consequence of better preparation of teachers, should influence increased interest and motivation of our students to study and thus improve their academic performance to help them get a better qualification and this may allow them greater employment.
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