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Mejora de las destrezas lingüísticas del profesorado para una educación bilingüe de calidad.
Start date: Jul 1, 2016, End date: Jun 30, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Today´s society demands increasingly better teacher training in foreign languages to boost personal, social and educational competence to facilitate finding a job in today´s globalised job market.If our students want to build their professional future, they must contribute to build a united Europe, without barriers, with a global role to foster occupational mobility. Students are the potential employees of this future Europe so they should actively build their professional future with this aim in view, particularly in times of economic crisis. Educational policies are essential when it comes to consolidating the European project.Our High School is no stranger to these demands. In recent years it has been observed a growing interest of the educational community for the learning of foreign languages and the mobility of professors and students to complete their training. In fact, we have found that more and more, there is a growing demand of families wanting their children to study in the bilingual section. Thus, as teachers of IES Pintor Luis Sáez we are really concerned about all these issues and want to present this project in which four CLIL teachers are involved in the experience of implementing bilinguism in European schools. All of us are secondary teachers in the Bilingual Project of our high school. One being a Maths teacher teaching two groups in their first year of CSE; the second teaching Social Sciences in one group in the second year of CSE two other groups in their third and fourth year of CSE. The third is teaching the same subject in two groups of first CSE and one of second CSE. The last one teaches Music to one group in third CSE and to another one in fourth CSE. All these groups belong to the Bilingual Project of the high school.These are our foreseen activities pursued to acquire a broader knowledge of the English language, British society and culture, essentialEnglish training courses suited for the level of English of each participant.British language exposure to enforce the acquisition of the languageSocial and cultural immersion Exchange of experiences with colleagues Training course reviewThe methodology used to carry out the project will include the detection of the training needs of every participant, the analysis of these needs, to prioritize the specific objectives appropriated to those needs and a deep and comprehensive look at the training courses offered so as to inform school leadership team.As a result of this collaboration and thanks to the experience of the four of us and all the new knowledge and input acquired after taking the training courses, there will be an impact at the school as we are planning to design collaborative activities using the English language as a tool and also to implement all the new methodology learnt in the classroom. We will promote an efficient use of the internet, the media and audiovisual means.In addition, all the input acquired during the stay in an Anglo-speaking country will make us improve our fluency and will let us be a model of high quality language education implementing effectively CLIL methodology.As a result, we hope to have a huge influence at school increasing the number of teachers and students participating on upcoming European projects and promote a positive attitude towards the project of building a united Europe. In the long term the benefits of the activities will be important as nowadays more and more families demand having their children immersed in the bilingual project that we have implemented in our high school. Two years ago there were only one group of each course of CSE within the project. This current school year we have two courses of first CSE and two of second CSE. There are 180 students currently enrolled at our school on the bilingual project. This number will significantly increase in the years to come. In the school year 2017-8 there will be eight groups of CSE at our high school. All the schools affiliated with our high school are now immersed in bilingual projects thus conferring that many of these families will demand the same on our high school increasing the numbers of groups immersed in the project . We need to hand a European dimension of education over to next generations . It is our legacy

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