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Mejora de las competencias clave del profesorado CLIL del IES Tiempos Modernos
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Since 2010, the IES Tiempos Modernos (Zaragoza, Spain) includes in its curriculum a program of plurilingualism which, on the one hand, provides two non-language topics in foreign languages (English and French) in each of four years of Secondary Education and, secondly, strengthens the internationalization of our School with all kinds of activities and projects (linguistic immersion in Foreign languages, European thematic days, etwinning projects, participation in international competitions, student exchanges with other European schools). It is a priority for our School of having a staff with the capacity and ability of developing this plurilingualism educational program and ensure its success . So, teachers involved in this program must have the professional skills required, be motivated, be able to collaborate with other teachers (from the School or abroad) and, very important to achieve the desired stability, ensure their permanence in the School. This kind of professorship is the main relevant target of our mobility project (specifically, we have ordered three aplications). The mobility could contribute to the internationalisation of the School, promote European dimension, let achieve the pedagogical objectives of the plurilingualism Program, strengthen the skills and competences of our staff, develop an appropiate training opportunities in the School and expand the range of CLIL topics to our students and families. We have choosen a mobility Project focused on two intentions for our professorship: reinforce their linguistic skills and adapt their teaching methods to the CLIL Pedagogy (Content and Language Integrated Learning). Our proposal identifies specified needs of the individual participants and global needs of our organisation, especifies the phases of the project, the programme of activities in the mobility and its follow up. We have searched Study Centres in Great Britain with required thematic Courses for teachers. The impact of our mobility Project is expected on teachers, on the organisation overall and, of course, on our students. We will integrate the project results into the management of the School, and its pedagogical proposal: more teachers involved in Plurilingualism Project, more CLIL topics offered, more activities related to internationalization of the School, more potential beneficiary students interested in the learning of foreign languages and its European dimension, more links with partner institutions Obviously, the School has dessigned a rang of measures to evaluate the results of mobility (the selecting criteria, the quality of the course, the supppor mesasuress, a validation of participants learning, outcomes (recommended Europass). Also, we assure the dissemination of the project results among our staff, the students and their families and in the nearest environment.
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