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Mehrsprachigkeit - eine Chance
Start date: Jun 29, 2015, End date: Jun 28, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

In the 21st century, the requirements for youth entering the job market are steadily increasing; it not only demands of them outstanding technical qualification, but also increased flexibility and willingness to work abroad. The latter requires a foundational knowledge of foreign language(s) in order to be able to be understood in an international context. As a career-preparatory school with emphasis on foreign language skills, HLW Rankweil provides its students an excellent starting point from which to enter the professional world. The foreign-language faculty is convinced that the skills gained over the course of an education could nonetheless be more optimally used. It is the aim of the project "Mehrsprachigkeit - eine Chance" to continue to promote and provide opportunities for multilingualism in school. The project seeks to stimulate already existing events such as the Multilingual Seminar and cross-lingual teaching, to intensify the preparation for, and follow-up on international internships, and to provide additional opportunities like workshops and speaking-cafés. The aim is to internationalize and open the school to other resources, for example by increasing our use of platforms like e-twinning, while also meeting individual students’ needs and abilities. This requires from our teachers a higher commitment to strengthen collaboration and cooperation between different subjects, as well as the initiative and willingness to persistently continue their studies in order to provide the highest level of teaching. Having already engaged in a variety of edifying activities (Master’s thesis in bilingual teaching, several years living abroad, participation in the implementation of multi-lingual seminars,….), all three entrants have proven not only their personal, but also their professional interest in continuing to develop multilingualism in school. The planned stays abroad offer an outstanding opportunity to broaden their speaking competence, to professionally and methodically continue their studies, and also allow them to develop relationships with international communities, cultures. We have proposed visiting the following summer courses in the scope of 14 days: Nantes (theme: „ Les métiers du français dans le monde“), Paris (theme : „Stage pédagogique: Animer la classe – ressources, outils et techniques“), and Montpellier (theme : „Motiver pour agir"). The courses take place during the summer break (Juli/August) and are a first step in completing HLW Rankweil’s ultimate goal, namely, the development of a more robust vision for our multilingual curriculum.
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