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Még több Innováció és High-Tech a modern oktatásért
Start date: 01 Jul 2016, End date: 30 Jun 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

In the background of our project there is the endeavour for renewal as well as the motivation for professional development. Another important element is that it is a tradition in our institution to participate in international partnerships (Comenius, Leonardo, Erasmus+ KA1, KA2) we are ready to keep going with these kind of activities.Taking the requirements concerning the school into consideration, professional, methodological training courses and also the language courses play a major role in both the short-term and long-term goals of the institution. With the implementations and proper planning of these project activities we would like to achieve the best quality of teaching and also the internationalism considering to the expectations, challenge and requirements towards the staff.This involves the methodological, academic training of colleagues, too. An important stage of this plan is international training: further education of the school staff not only on a national, but also on a European level. The primary aim is to provide further education in accordance with recent requirements for experienced and motivated teachers, as they have to face new challenges and expectations year by year. (There are more and more underprivileged students, pupils with lower-level basic skills, dropouts, as well as new special subjects in our school.)The purpose of the institution is to improve foreign language skills, ICT and digital competences, studying and applying new methodologies and to integrate modern, student-centred educational patterns into the Pedagogical Program, which is going to be carried out by the following activity: training courses abroad. Our essential goal is to maintain and increase the quality of education in our school through the improvement of competences.Six participants for the training course program have been selected. All our participants –to –be have been teaching and educating in our institution for years. Two teachers of Foreign language , two instructors teaching trade and vocational subjects, one History-ICT teacher and one Buiness administration and corresponding teacher are taking part in the training . Being informed about their choices, the participants declared the place, the date and the type of the training they enrolled for. That was followed by a mutual discussion between the headmistress of the institution and the heads of the different teaching teams about the training plan and the objectives and goals of the institution in the nearest and the remote future alike. The actual participants of the project were selected on the basis of a short motivation letter .The criteria was clear, fair and transparent. After the positive evaluation the applicants are starting the preparatory work and taking part on the mobilities where the coordinator plays a keyrole with their support. During and after the mobilities the participants will accomplish their duties considering to the expectations and aims.(internal trainings, public speaking, presentations, disseminations etc)The expected results of the training are achieving and delegating new experience and methods, a more thorough recognition of other European cultures , a more confident use of a foreign language , developing more effective cooperation and communication skills, a more common application of ICT and other digital devices , the integration of the acquired pedagogical methods into our Pedagogical Program , the improvement of the teachers’ personality and enterpreneurship and the development of a European perspective and teachers' satisfaction, exchange of pedagogical experience and idea in teaching in an international level and adapttaion of monitoring tourism and evaluation.We strongly expect that the participants' competences in the different fields mentioned above will be enriched during the implementation of the teacher trainings abroad. As a result of the activity will have measurable and noticable effects in the teaching-learning process for shorter and longer term too. Sharing the brand new pedagogical methods is going to influence pupils' motivation what definitely makes them more successful in studying such as improving their basic skills in ICT and Literacy as a result we expect decreasing the number of early dropouts.We hope that students will be more tolerant and will use the new technology in their studies, we expect that more students will take their A-level exams in advanced level with much better results and students will take their Certifications more succesfully.We expect that the whole project would have a multiplier impact. The teachers' mobilities are going to have a greater impact encouraging students for life long learning.All in all we expect more and more successful and motivated students leaving the school after taking Matura exams and to be able to think and act by European dimension on the labour market or on Higher Education level.
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