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Meeting place music theatre landscape; phase 2
Start date: 01 Sep 2014, End date: 31 Oct 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The MTL: Phase 2 Strategic Partnership project aims to expand the possibilities for both performing arts makers and landscape architects to develop their practices within notions of the current European social landscape, exploring both the domestic and inter-country tensions that landscape contains, both literally and metaphorically. These outcomes will be integrated into subject-specific contexts in the following ways: Across the performing arts there is an increasing concern with how compositional practices – practices of making, invention, and ‘writing’ might address social questions, and engage with enlarged publics, as well as spaces and places, in new ways, in order to expand their reach across all of our teaching experiences and within our institutions. This is one of the concerns of artistic research, and the learning outcomes directly feed this area of inquiry. Within landscape architecture and urban planning, finding ways to explore and address the lived experience of performativity in space has become a key pedagogical concern, and the learning outcomes will help shape this element. The teaching staff and students participating will be exposed to methods and practices that are new to their respective fields. MTL:Phase 2 relies on the transfer of skills from one field/discipline to the other, ensuring the transversal nature of the programme. More specifically the project aims: 1. To bring together students and staff from different institutions in order to affront and encounter landscape in new and innovative ways 2. Use landscape as a starting point, opening doors to a reconsideration of place and human and social exchange within place 3. To encourage performing artists and landscape architects to expand their aesthetic vocabularies and the possibilities for their creative practices through exploring one another's disciplines 4. To explore the notion of local landscape, design and architectural frameworks for understanding and intervening with culture in a political, cultural and financial context. Simultaneously, new thinking from the design fields, including architecture, landscape architecture, and urban design and planning increasingly explores the performative aspects of their own fields, but have traditionally not engaged with performing artists and performing arts professionals to do so. What's more, there has been a recent strong turn in thinking around urban and rural landscape design and planning toward engagement with the social questions that regulate land use, spatial occupancy in design, and their implications for community development. In this context, this ERASMUS+ Strategic Partnership intends to bring together artists, scholars, designers, students, specific environments, across European institutions, with explorations of community, theory, and creative practice in order to pursue the following objectives: To uncover, reveal and facilitate relationships among human, biological, social, cultural and technological landscapes, in order to: a. Develop new methods for making the performance of the future in a technologising world which help enhance the relevance of liveness and intermediality to future audiences b. Target, chart, trace, explore and enhance new cultural impacts of these methods c. Further explore how deep thinking around questions of migration, community cohesion, and landscape and environment can influence the performativity of spaces for both performance makers and landscape designers in a Europe increasingly influenced by intercultural dynamics d. Imagine a disciplinary encounter where the boundaries between performance creation and the architecturality of urban and rural spaces dissolve e. Develop the experiences derived from a-d above into a cohesive blueprint for a future pedagogical framework, through the production of concrete outcomes: a textbook, web resources, and suggestions for an MA curriculum.
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