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Start date: Aug 1, 2009,

The project "Meeting of cultures" is a seminar taking place in Krushevo (FYROM) involving 8 (eight) organizations from 7 (seven) different countries FYROM, Greece, Serbia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, with a total of 58 participants (15 participants from host organization and 5 young people and 1 group leader by sending organizations).The duration of the project from preparation to evaluation is 90 days, and the duration of the activity is 7 days.The following program priorities are considered by the project: participation of young people and cultural diversity (permanent priorities) ; intercultural dialogue (annual priority); develop mutual understanding between young people in a spirit of openness (specific action priorities).Objectives of the project "Meeting of cultures" are:╬▓ Active participation of the NGO sector in speeding up the process of European integration; and their inclusion in the decision making process on local and European level;o To express unity and common visions for shared future of the people from all ethnic groups of SEE countries and further establishment of high quality, continuing projects and partnership╬▓ Develop solidarity and promote tolerance among young people - great European value; and foster mutual understanding between young people in different countries;The project includes workshops on intercultural cooperation: processes of integration in EU, the identity, respecting differences and tolerance, non-violent solutions for conflicts, introduction to the basic human rights and their protection etc. It aims to help young people identify their own culture, establish intercultural cooperation with youth from different European countries, exchange experiences and develop a sense of mutual values.To sum up, initiating activities for the creation of regional youth policy is in the interest of youth from every country, having on mind the fact that active young people need to be promoters of European values in the societies in the region. All proposed topics for discussion are determined in coordination with all partners in the projed
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