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MEETING in Mathematics and Math2Earth: Common goals, common dissemination
Start date: Oct 1, 2012,

The LLP projects "MEETING in Mathematics" and "Bringing Mathematics to Earth" used different methods anddifferent contexts, but they worked toward one common goal: To motivate students' learning of mathematics. Bothprojects produced very positively evaluated materials in book format that are used in teacher training, mainly in the partner countries of the two projects. All the materials are available online free of charge to everyone, yet it is the books that are mainly sought after and used by training institutions. The projects however produced only a comparatively small number of these books, and only few are left, yet the demand is still there. The materials have been used in teacher training and in schools now for several years, resulting in a lot of feedback, that should be used to improve the materials. Also, while a number of institutions use the materials, they are still not that widespread, particularly outside the partner countries, owing to the fact that institutions and stakeholders just do not know about them.The purpose of this project is threefold:a) To use the feedback from teachers and teacher trainers to improve the materials, creating a second edition of themb) To produce a sufficient number of prints of a second edition of the books from MEETING and Math2Earth, and distribute themc) To inform institutions and stakeholders about the materials byi) joining existing events in the partner countries (conferences, in-service teacher training, meetings of educators andstakeholders, meetings of policy makers) to present the materialsii) each partner teaming up with at least one teacher training institution and one school in another LLP country (none of the partner countries) topresent the materials there at workshops, conferences, teacher training events etc.By this we want to considerably increase the number of users of the materials and thus the effectiveness ofdissemination and exploitation of results of the two past projects.
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