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Meeting & exchanging with indiginas children and young people in an orphan center
Start date: Dec 1, 2009,

The project titled "Project Mexico: Meeting & Exchanging with Indiginas Children and young people in an Orphan center" takes place in Tuxtla, capital city of one of the most southern states of Mexico: Chiapas. Two volunteers (Group EVS) will reside during seven months in the Mexican Casa Hogar Maria de Nazaret, a center for female streetchildren and orphans which is part of the Mexican department of Vides (Vides de Mexico AC), the organisation of the sisters of Don Bosco. Vides Mexico will be the host organisation of this project.The volunteers will participate in the daily Casa Hogar-activities, while adding their personal touch to it. They will learn to acknowledge and appreciate the importance of the Casa Hogar Maria de Nazaret: this Hogar tries to be a home for female children, teenagers and adolescents who live usually on the street and for orphans. As Tuxtla is stated as one of the poorest cities of Mexico, poverty is all around. The situation of the women in Chiapas and in the poor comunities of indiginas, is difficult. They have less opportunity to study, they will be married at the age of 15,16 year and a lot of times left alone with the children when the husband is looking for work in other regions or cities. Alcoholisme, sexual abuse, low level of self-estime makes their position vulnerable. Vides de Mexico AC tries to promote their personal, social and educational development and the Casa Hogar Maria de Nazaret tries to realise these intentions through the care and accommodation they offer to the girls in need. They try to offer a friendly, safe and positive climate, because most of the girls are afflicted by many painful and stressfukfactors having destabilised them emotionally.- The aims and-working methods of the project are also situated on these central Vides-themes: firstly the volunteers will support the girls with difficulties with their homework, secondly they will organize creative and recreational activities (like painting, design, sculpture, music, dans, theatre) etc. Together with the girls they will plan and organise recreational and sportacitivities and feasts.Besides that, the volunteers will also assist the girls and staff in the Casa Hogar with the basic needs: cooking, cleaning, washing their clothes, personal hygiene.
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