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Meeskonnatöö oskuste areng Porkuni Koolis
Start date: 01 Jun 2016, End date: 31 May 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The purpose of this project is the development of conscious leading of the learning process among thestaff, including assistant staff, through the following forms/themes of international cooperation:1) Taking into account the students' individual needs in teamwork (starting from admittance and endingwith the formulation of an individual study plan, following it and constant surveillance-process management.2) The forms of different cooperation networks around the child operating in schools both in Estonia and Finland- modeling.3) Experience counseling including case-study.4) The use of alternative methods of communication school wide in different partner schools.To better understand the current state of Porkuni School as an organization based on areas of development and the personal growth of school staff we need a comparative view of a different schoolfor children with special needs (Rajasalme) and view their study processes (work shadowing) and through thatcreating understanding.The number and background of the people participating in the project.The whole shcool staff is remotely involved with the project (71 people), in learning mobility 20 educational workersPorkuni school is a state funded school, which provides basic education for children with light-,medium and severe intellectual disabilities. All 88 students have special educational needs. All teaching takes into accountthe size of the class, study plans, supportive systems and the level of education of the educational workers.Description of activities.The 2 year project involves four learning mobilities. All learning mobilities take place in the Rajasalme School in Finland.During the project, we ourselves will be hosts in Porkuni School for our finnish colleagues for four times.The main goal for our activities/methodology will be cooperation. The activities of the study mission divide into 2 categories: work shadowing, complementary schooling.The methods of these activities are connected to stipulated goals as well as understanding the culturaldifferences of partner schools.Results.During the project partner schools will share their best methods of teaching for better involvement of students special educationalneeds. The usage of these methods, observations of lessons and rules of involvement in school will be gathered and published (for example on-line, on the Porkuni School server, in e-school).ImpactThe further impact of project toward SEN child, is through meaningful activities of adults, there is better inclusion to the society for the future life (social and practical skills, participating in a work life, creation of strong family connection, find yourself as valuable citizen). The impacts of the project will be measurable through a qualitative study (questionnaires, work analyses, open lessons etc)as follows:* learning mobility will be done as planned;* schedule will not be changed;* 20 people with different backgrounds will participate;* participants' evaluation- what did I use, how did I develop?;* partner organisations' opinion on cooperation and benefits to the organisation
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