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Media Retreat: Western Hideout
Start date: May 2, 2016, End date: Mar 1, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

PROJECT TITKE: ‘Media Retreat: Western Hideout’ TYPE OF ACTIVITY: KA1 youth workers mobility - training course VENUE: Worcester, UKDATE: 30.08 - 7.08.2016 NO. And PROFILE OF PAX: 34 participants, youth work practitioners (youth workers, educators, trainers, coaches, youth leaders) as well as member of the partner organisations, responsible for media coverage within and outside the organisational structures. COUNTRIES REPRESENTED: Poland, Turkey, Estonia, Greece, Romania, Spain, Italy, Croatia, Germany, Lithuania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Latvia and the UK.AIM and OBJECTIVES: Media Retreat: Western Hideout training course is aimed at promoting the use of digital tools and new media as the means of awaking human and organisational potentials within youth work. In order to reach this aim, the following objectives shall be implemented: - developing key knowledge, skills and attitudes as the necessary ingredients in becoming successful and independent users of modern technologies - raising awareness of how digital tools and new media aid youth work and help to create greater impact of present day youth activities- crating space for effective transfer of know-how in regards to media literacy and digitalisation across Europe- exchanging tools, methods, idea, etc. in the use of modern technologies across youth work in Europe- fostering European cooperation in the youth field and supporting the development of new and innovative solutions for new generations of digitalised youth organisations - discovering the potential of Erasmus+ Programme as a tool for developing media literacy and thus promoting smarter growth through establishing ‘Digital agenda for Europe.’ The objectives listed above are directly linked to the Erasmus+ programme priorities, giving a possibility to not only develop key competencies, share good practices or create stronger network for the benefit of international integration, but also prepare all parties for further evolution of technology and media in the future. As such, the training course proposed is going to take the best of all three worlds of education – formal, non-formal and in-formal – for reaching the objectives and producing a feasible outcome in form of 'MELT: Media Literacy Toolbox For Educators': a living handbook with useful methods, tools and tips for everyone willing to tackle the issue of media literacy or use of e-learning in their work. The manual will be prepared jointly by the course participants as well as partner promotes engaged in the project.METHODS:The very course will focus on the development of media related and digital competences that can easily be applied by the youth organisations in promoting their activities, reaching target groups, attracting funding, etc. So as to maximise the learning and impact exerted on the course participants, the main body of knowledge shall be delivered with the extensive use of non-formal education tools. These will include: individual / pair / groups work, discussions, brainstorming, teambuilding exercises, model thinking, simulation exercises, mind mapping, input by trainers, debriefing of exercises, individual and group reflection, etc. All these will be further enriched with energisers and other shorts activities used for capturing the attention. Also, the course is expected to be practical in nature. Therefore, workshops on the use of ICT and media tools will take place as part of the daily activities. For the sake of that participants will be encouraged to bring their own laptops, tables, camera, video recorders and any other digital resources to be used. Finally, study visit to the local library has been planned. The Hive is highly renowned in the area for being digitally advanced and open to new media solutions both for the staff and the public. EXPECTED IMPACT: - increased knowledge, skills and attitudes related to the use of new media and digital tools in the local/national and international youth work activities- concrete (hard) skills in the use of media tools developed - greater awareness gained of how to implement a media rich dissemination campaign- better understanding of the benefits and dangers of (mis)using media - greater confidence gained in using media and digital tool for the sake of organisation management and personal development- improved motivation to be an active yet considerate user of media tools, etc.- international network of new media in youth work supporters created - new ideas for local and international projects developed- staff members, volunteers, trainers, etc. trained in the use of new media tools and available to apply these into the organisation, etc.
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