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MED Sha.p.e.s. Sharing prior excellence and support for the MED creative asset (Sha.p.e.s.)

Shapes is focused on the excellences of the Knowledge/Creative Economy in the MEDarea. In this area are concentrated in fact the most appreciated talents/brands/know-hows worldwide. The creative asset directly or indirectly produces cultural products and includes not only commercial/production/service enterprises but also artists, public and non-profit organizations. For this reason Shapes is also dealing with the governance theme. In fact the so-called creative cluster cuts across multiple economic and institutional sectors and competences and does not constitute a cohesive sector in the traditional sense of a productive cluster. For Shapes, we have defined a double target: 1. public relevance: institutions, and social parts 2. private relevance: economic actors, categorized in 3 broad groups: - Arts and Culture - Design - Media In all these sectors and in decision-making processes, the partnership implements actions of: knowledge /technology sharing and capacity and awareness rise. Sha.p.e.s. capitalizes tools, experiences, models and results of 10 projects (ended or still on going) dealing with innovation and creativity and their governance. Shapes intends further to: - create a common toolbox of all available online tools running in a Sha.p.e.s. Resource Centre. - share and transfer consolidated methodologies and services as innovation drivers - create a common operating model for assessing territorial innovation potential and for boosting the promotion of innovation policies and creative businesses. The 13 partners of this project come from: Italy, Spain, Greece, Portugal, Slovenia, France. It is a multilevel partnership. In fact the participating organizations are representing the business service providers, the public authorities and their associations, the research and academic centres. This variety of subjects assures the project's sustainability because the creative and innovative process is fed by the mutual interest in collaborating of active regional actors. Achievements: The Sha.p.e.s. ToolboxThe toolbox allows to the creative companies to access tools capitalizes in the SHA.P.E.S. project, but also to provide tools for other companies, playing an active role in providing on-line services and sharing them in the community of creative enterprises. With respect to the tools by the previous projects, the Sha.p.e.s. partnership has capitalized some tools for providing on-line services, services for supporting companies activities and other services for facilitating knowledge sharing. The Knowing Resource Centre has been capitalized providing the structure of the on-line platform of the Sha.p.e.s. project.The on-line Resource Centre produced during the KnowInG project aimed at creating, collecting and making available services, information and knowledge (e.g. resources) by gathering existing tools and new tools, and at stimulating a community of interest. This goal and its results have been completely inherited in the Sha.p.e.s. project. The capitalized tools can be used by companies for accessing/providing and sharing services and information about them and with their customers, and by Public bodies and organization to provide information, knowledge and services for creative enterprises.The capitalization process carried out in the Sha.p.e.s. project highlighted that companies are interested in services and tools that support knowledge sharing process, as well as any tool useful for daily activities. Among the tools capitalized in Sha.p.e.s., the toolbox allows to share methodologies used for stimulating creativity, such as story telling approaches, digital libraries containing examples aiming to inspire the work of fashion designer, on-line databases of creative enterprises where companies can find other economic actors for B2B and network activities.However, one crucial issue is the visibility of the company with respect to the potential customers. For this purpose it has been configured as a new category of service, the Showcase, which allows to all companies to directly show their products.Development ModelShapes Common Model for assessing territorial innovation potential and for boosting the promotion of innovation is a result of the capitalization of 2 different models, the model for measuring Local Balance of Innovation (ALBI), introducing the lists of criteria for checking the situation in the areas of industrial system, education and research, Infrastructure and framework conditions and governance of innovation, and the Model for simulation and valuation of quality of living environment« (QLE) that is introducing the quality of time-balance indicators, related to spatial quality, lifestyles and possibilities .The possibility of testing the model is a possibility for (local ) public authorities to understand better the present situation and potentials of their territories for:- attracting creative and innovative enterprises and actors,- supporting the development of innovative and creative production, and hence also how to improve attractiveness, economic growth and competitiveness of the whole territory.
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