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Start date: Aug 22, 2016, End date: Aug 21, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The Europe 2020 strategy has a clear ambition that Europe will succeed if it acts collectively. Underpinned by key priorities this projects aims to contribute to those priorities. Specifically to foster high-employment economy to deliver social and territorial cohesion. Young people have been particularly impacted by high unemployment rates, that is over 21% in Europe. Of those 21% those at most risk as young people that are furthest away from the labour market. This includes but not exhaustive of young people that have been:- unable to complete a secondary education- are not in education, employment or training- have learning/behavior and/or physical disabilities- have chaotic home lives, or are in care, or care leavers- are from diverse cultural backgrounds and minority groups- have a background of Youth Offending- are refugee'sThe project has a core focus to engage young people into positive activity, through a Social Action Project. Those young people will be marginalized and often feel dis-enfranchised within their community. Often young people are often viewed negatively by other groups in their community. These is also an increasing complex issue concerning the increase of refugee's and those cultures to become part of the community. there can be resentment, limited views and segregation of young people within their own ethnic/religious group. The project aims to break down those barriers by exploring some of the issues that they may share within their community . Identify similarities and solutions, with a key focus to impact on the community the are currently in for the youth exchange. A project will be completed within the community that will benefit all.Objectives of the project:1.Participants sharing cultural experiences and widen knowledge of their communities with each other and identify common interests and purposes. 2.Establish a set of tools(aquire new skills) to use in their community, to include effective leadership, problem solving decision making and budgeting. 3. Building positive and meaningful relationships in the community4. Develop social and emotional resilience5. To design, develop and coordinate and intercultural landscape for the benefit of social cohesion in the scope of social action, gaining a sense of entrepreneurship activity. 6. To challenge attitudes to community participation and explore the concept of a 'sense of belonging and purpose' within the community.7. Giving participants the opportunity to explore and discover a reality beyond their home environmentsParticipants - They will be a targeted group that will be young people that visiting another country, meeting different people will not be the norm for them. They will be these that are Not in Education, Employment or Training and have various barriers due to personal circumstances or disabilities. The project aims to take them out of their comfort zone but in a managed and supportive way. There will be 5 participants from each country, in total 35.ActivitiesThe Youth Exchange will be an engaging and challenging programme. Based in Brighton, a vibrant city on the coast, the accommodation will lend itself to space to engage in active workshops but also within Brighton to engage in a community project. The first 2 days of the project will be familiarization of each other, the area and scope of the programme. As the programme enters into day 3 the participants will choose a community project to complete. The project will engage the local people and wider community. Each participant will have a clear role within the project to embrace the practical learning of leadership, communication, within each other and the community, budget planning, project management and the practical implementation of the community project. The Youth exchange will encompass a non-formal approach to learning within small groups and at the venue with a whole group approach to the community project(see activity timetable)Results/impact- Particpants will have a greater understanding of 'a community' how they can make a difference within it- Participants will share common threads of issues affecting them within their community and work towards solutions- Participants will be visible in the community. Completing a social action project for the benefit of the community - The Erasmus Plus will be prommoted through the project- The intercultural evening with the local community will be an opportunity to share positivity of young people engaging in the community and see the project that was supported by Erasmus PlusLong Term Benefits- Participants will gain increased skills and knowledge in leadership/budget/communication skills- Participants will see the benefits of engaging positivley with the community- Participants will be able to take their experinces back to their country, suported by the Youth Leader to look to way of being part of a social action project
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