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May we have your attention, please!
Start date: Mar 1, 2011,

Youth Exchange 3.1 "May we have your attention, please!" will bring together young people from Bosnia and Herzegovina, France, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Serbia, Slovenia and Italy in Belgrade to promote anti discrimination through art and culture.Main objective of this exchange is to create public event that will illustrate challenges and everyday life of young people with Autism using creative expression such as photography/dance/video/public communication. Participants will visit the relevant institutions and NGO's dealing with autistic youth that will help us to broaden our understanding and become" more aware of Autism. This insight will guide our artistic workshops and the outcome will be representation of world of people with autism. The idea is to familiarize common people with autism and to break taboo that follows this disorder.24 youngsters, interested in choreography-dance, photography-video, creative writing and event management-production will meet for the first time and share their talents in these fields with main goal to develop intercultural-multimedia happening that will promote inclusion and better understanding of people with Autism.Even with the increasment of awareness about Autism in some countries, there is still poor understanding of this disorder in public sphere in all countries participating in this project. We would like to exchange our national practices and experiences through non-formal way, and to advocate for inclusion using more creative way.With belief that image tells more than thousand words, our actions will speak instead of many voices of autistic people that we often pretend not to hear.During these 9 days we will be exploring autism and stereotypes/prejudices that surround people with this disorder. Each participant will use It's own cultural background to give additional value to performing actions that will represent our joint creative expression on Autism. Our results and exploration on this issue will be presented on the last day in front of the public .Each participant will choose one of the four workshops: dance/movement; PR/event management; art/photography/video and creative writing-reflection on Autism (for booklet). During the exchange participants will create program for the public event that will include - performance, video and photography and booklet on Autism. PR group will be in charge of media and public promotion of the event. On the last day presentation will be made for public.We believe that people with autism are often discriminated because of a^lack of information on this disorder and because it is difficult to understand the world within them. That is why wish to explore the vail around them and to present their world in more creative way.
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