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Maths is Everywhere
Start date: 01 Sep 2014, End date: 31 Aug 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

During our project development all participant institutions will encourage everyone to realize the importance of learning Maths, to make a step towards developing creativity, organizing and group work skills. After completing the activities in the project, it will be shown that it is very necessary to learn Mathematics for analytical, technological, scientific and economic applications. Through different activities, interaction and exchange we will motivate our students/pupils to understand how Mathematics is used in everyday life in their countries and other countries in Europe. By this way they will also learn to accept customs, culture, and heritage to see that we are the same even in our differences. They will be motivated to learn foreign languages for effective communication. Five schools from different European countries will participate in the project. The partners are already involved in an Etwinning project to get to know each other better and also for choosing the project theme. After researching students' comments and suggested activities it was decided to have the project theme of 'Maths'. All the schools have SEN students in their school and the coordinator school is a specialized school for SEN students. Almost all the schools are based in socially disadvantaged areas. So it is very important for the students in these schools to participate in this kind of project to be more open, self confident and tolerant. Students will develop the activities within their school subjects during regular classes and also some extra-curricular activities may take place. Teachers from different subjects and students from different classes will be involved to allow a wide representation of activities. The results and process of the project will be evaluated by monitoring, feedback, internal and external evaluation according to the principles of Total Quality Management. By exchanging reports, pictures, videos and products, the students and also the staff will become more aware of the use of Mathematics, cultural similarities and differences between themselves and people from other countries and increase their ability to communicate more effectively with each other. The project theme will become an integral part of schools' curricula not only for two years of the project, but that will also last after the financed period. Articles concerning the partnership will be published in local/regional newspapers and on local/regional websites. A project website/blog will be created to put the news, results and project progress information on the Internet. Project results and activities will be made available to the parents during the parents' meetings at schools. The project results will be disseminated as wide as possible. The partner schools will work together on eTwinning platform Twinspace, develop the activities and create new tasks even after the end of the EU funding. Finally, the staff can compare their students' attitudes towards learning Maths and exchange ideas how to encourage teenagers to become more conscious participants of educational process in the future.
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