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Μαθητεία, επιχειρηματικότητα και δημιουργικότητα: τρία κλειδιά για την επιτυχία και την ανάπτυξη.
Start date: Jul 1, 2016, End date: Jun 30, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

This project is titled: "Αpprenticeship, entrepreneurship and creativity: three keys to success and growth ". Τen teachers of the 2nd Laboratory Center of Piraeus will attend training seminars in Italy(7 days) and Latvia (5 days). The proposed project is aligned to the School's broader European development plan and aims at supporting the School to build a European identity, to address the new learning and teaching challenges in vocational education and to cope with the acute problems of school reality. As an integral part of the school's strategy the project will serve as a catalytic agent for the expansion, deepening and integration of other initiations and actions already taking place.The 2nd Laboratory Center of Piraeus ia a part of the greek secondary and post-secondary Vocational Education. The employed teachers come across various problems not only because of the location of the school in a marked by poverty neighborhood of Piraeus (Kaminia), but also due to the disdain of Greek society for vocational education, in general. The students, coming from lower income, mostly single-parent, families consider themselves of lower abilities compared to the general education students; a feeling that is often reinforced by their social environment (including some of their teachers). Not to mention that in the days we live in, students fear that their vocational education will offer them no way to the labor market. The program aims at the improvement of the educational services through the introduction of apprenticeship training, entrepreneurship and creativity. Close cooperation with market participants can produce a benefit for both sides, transferring of know-how and technology from the business world to the school and preparing human resources for the specific needs of the market.Our school already implemented various actions, such as a Erasmus+ mobility program for VET learners, targeting to bring together our students with European professional units relevant to their subject matter, and to aknowledge a different European culture.For the implementation of our new project we chose to apply for staff mobility, in order to attend training seminars in countries with a long tradition and experience in issues targeted by our unit.The chosen seminars content complies with our organization needs:• Apprenticeship at workplace, dual education system• Entrepreneurship and creativity in Europe.These seminars are conducted by the training centers: Institute for Training, Employability and Mobile learning (IFOM) in Bologna, Italy and EUROPEAN EDUCATIONAL CIRCLE in Riga, Latvia, respectively. The participating teachers will be the two project coordinators and four additional teachers in each cycle of seminars. Coordinators teachers have adequate experience in organizing Erasmus+ projects while the other teachers will be selected on criteria:• Representativeness of all the school Sectors• Participation in previous processes for school improvement • Recognized prestige, enthusiasm, team spirit, cooperativeness, initiative, recognition by the educational community • Representativeness of ages• Experience in adult education• Work experience or contact with the labor market, previous participation in entrepreneurship programsWe expect that the experience, knowledge and good practices gained from our teachers training during the proposed seminars will be of multiple benefits for them and for our school’s community. Our project team will be an effective multiplier of the European experience and will share it with our teachers and teachers from other school units through carefully organized information meetings, workshops and other relevant actions. Nevertheless the students are expected to be benefited the most, since they are the project’s target, the final recipient of our effort. By improving the quality of vocational education, we will alter the general school environment to the better, establish a more successful entry into the labor market, regaining our and our students’ self-respect as well as our European identity.
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