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Masters in Health Rehabilitation through Physical Exercise
Start date: Oct 1, 2009,

Rationale:-There is strong scientific evidence indicating that properly administered physical exercise can accelerate the process of healing on patients in a wide range of medical conditions (ranging from heart diseases to loco motor impairment) or assist older people maintain their health.-The results of the European Cardiac Rehabilitation Inventory Survey (2007) conducted in 19 European Countries indicates that only 6 countries have national legislation and provision regarding phase 3 (long term maintenance programmes) -For the physical exercise to be effective and maintained in phase 3 and 4 rehabilitation there is a need for greater awareness and training among community health and fitness staffThere is a serious shortage of staff specialised in the rehabilitation of health through physical exercise in the UK, Bulgaria, Lithuania ad Romania. Aim:-To jointly develop and deliver a European Masters in Health Rehabilitation through Physical Exercise in non-clinical settings based on the “Tuning” project framework. Objectives:-To develop modules tailored to health rehabilitation through physical exercise -To develop teaching materials that utilise learning objects -To develop a virtual learning environment that facilitates learning and assessment -To disseminate the results to a wider European audience-To exploit the results by organising the transfer to other practitioners Target group:Primary target group: Graduates of PE faculties who intend to work in the community health and fitness sector, graduates of nursing faculties who intend to specialise in rehabilitation, gym instructors who intend to specialise in health rehabilitation, graduates of PE faculties who intend to set up firms specialised in health rehabilitation or health care for old people, existing physiotherapists who intend to develop their competences.Secondary target group/ beneficiaries: patients who suffer from a wide range of medical conditions (light heart problems, lung problems sufferers, metabolic diseases, old people who suffer from minor health conditions) who are discharged from hospital care and are based in their communities (phase 3 & 4 rehabilitation). Main deliverables 1. European Masters Programme with clear learning outcomes and learning materials for each module. The programme is accredited in all participating countries and is jointly taught. The programme is available in English Bulgarian, Lithuanian and Romanian. It is delivered in an integrated manner using the European Credit and Accumulation Transfer System and Diploma Supplement and includes staff and student mobility.2. A Virtual Learning Platform that contains learning materials in a digital format including text, audio-material, images and video-material.3. Dissemination materials on digital support containing text, pictures and video-materials. 4. Tester workshops organised in participating countries.5. Teaching materials translated from English into Bulgarian, Lithuanian and Romanian.

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