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Start date: May 1, 2015, End date: Apr 30, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

“Masterchef” is a project elaborated by youth organizations working with young with fewer opportunities, in five European countries: Spain, Romania, Italy, Bulgaria and France. It is generate by an observation that most of youngsters today, do not have healthy lifestyles, overall about nutrition. From an analysis done by the organizers of this project during past months on youngsters nutrition habits, there are five common elements in those five countries: high consummation among young generation in fast food, also industrial food and precooked food, low use of fruit and vegetables, low knowledge of traditional food recipes (e.g. healthy food ). Analyzing all the reasons of this situation, in most of registered cases, this problem seems caused by a lack of awareness. Youngsters are not aware about the importance to eat healthy and overall they are not aware how their nutrition is unhealthy and they know nothing about all the harmful effects it could have to their lives by a psychophysical level in short and long term. On the other hand, it is also true that often youngsters cannot cook or they cannot cook healthy. Most of all, they do not have the occasion to cook in a stimulating and playful context, together with other European peers. Last, rarely they have the occasion to know and experiment European traditional dishes, which are part in the European cultural heritage. To face this situation, partners have explored ways to sensitize young generations to a healthy diet, using a stimulating approach, which foster their active participation. From these premises, “Masterchef” project is born and it immediately had a big success among participants’ group. They are 25 young among 18 and 25 years old, who risk social exclusion caused by economical and social problems. To foster solidarity and apprentice among equals, the project organizers have selected participants who never cooked in their whole lives and aspiring chefs. Both will have a great experience, which will enable them to acquire useful professional and transversal competences, expendable in labor market. Like the TV’s program, involved participants are interested to compete in kitchen with European peers, with 6 expert Group Leaders support: so they have strongly contributed to activities selection from the beginning. The most important moment will be the youth exchange realization, which will be from 20th to 31st of August in Sala Bolognese, a little village 30 km far from Bologna (Italy). Provided activities, will be organize by “learning-by-doing” approach, with informal and non-formal apprentice methodologies, to guide central values of the project: healthy nutrition, intercultural dialogue, active citizenship, European awareness. A mix of labs, simulations, role games, outdoor activities. Since we are working with risk of social exclusion young people, it is fundamental to foster active participation and transversal and professional competences developing. The exchange is designed in complete self-management (labs, logistic etc.), an experience in which participants are the main characters and where each one has a fundamental role to a good activities’ outcomes. Before to go to this exchange, each national group will prepare thematic labs on general and culinary traditions of their own country, which will share in specific moments during the exchange (signed in Agenda). An occasion to give space and voice to participants’ creativity who will know better other European countries traditions involved in the project. Culinary activities are an intercultural dialogue means, to investigate about nutrition healthy lifestyles. To transversal competences, participants will acquire more self-confidence, sociality, teamwork in inhomogeneous context abilities. Moreover, linguistic and culinary abilities (those fundamental in particular for aspiring chefs who will learn international recipes). Last, for organizers will be an occasion to exchange knowledge, competences and capacities in socio-educational animation field, benefiting of different perspectives and experiences to an international level form each partner.
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