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MAster programme for Subject Teachers in Serbia
Start date: Oct 15, 2010,

The urgent need for reform in Serbian initial teacher education (TE) for subject teachers in the second cycle of primary education (ISCED 2) and also in vocational and general secondary education (ISCED 3) has been identified by the Ministry of Education, University of Belgrade and other relevant actors. The current means of teacher preparation is limited and resides within the respective academic faculties - across the universities' curricula.To address this need for the reform, the first specific aim of the project is to develop a flexible, interdisciplinary Master-level programme (60 credits) within the framework of Bologna process. The development phase will concentrate on review of teacher competences and TE programs in EU, benchmarking tasks and development of curricula, teaching materials and school practice. Establishment of a 36 credit core module, including 6 credits of teaching practice in school, will allow for harmonization of teacher education, while a variety of Master courses / modules will provide flexibility of learning pathways. There is also the additional, vital aim of enhancing LLL by offering programme courses as in-service training for working teachers. In the implementation phase, the Master programme will be taught at three universities across two semesters, culminating in a Master's thesis. At two universities, a 36 credit core module will be taught.The second specific aim of the project is to harmonize and regulate teaching profession in Serbia. To truly reform the initial education of subject teachers, the country must urgently and formally address teacher competences; standards for teacher certificates and approval of teacher education programmes; cooperation between universities and schools; procedures for recognition of university-level courses as in-service training, and overall development of a legal framework necessary for the establishment of a subject teacher profession.
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