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MAster oN SUstainable development and Renewable energy
Start date: Oct 15, 2010,

The main objective of the MANSUR project is to improve the capacities of 3 Jordanian Universities on renewable energies and energy efficiency (REEE), training new experts prepared for the labour market. Specific objectives are:- to establish and credit a Master Course following the Bologna requirements- to join companies, public administrations and Universities- to improve and diffuse REEE in public and private buildings, according to the National Energy Plan.The objectives are pursued as follows (Outcome = Oc, Output = Op):1.Networking companies and public administrations around REEE. Jordanian bodies will be important to host internships and to employ trained experts;Oc: a committed and sustainable public-private partnershipOp: n. 30 companies, n. 10 public administrations hosting interships and employing experts.2.Training needs analysis carried out in touch with networked bodies. The EU partners will be strongly involved in planning and developing didactics.Oc: easier and appropriate access of trained people to the labour marketOp: updated didactic methodology using information technologies3.Master's Credit procedure. The Jordan Ministry of Culture has been involved and invited in supporting the carry out of the project. ECTS criteria will be assured.Op: Master credited.4.Master Implementation. Engineers, architects, lawyers, economists will access the course, composed by a General module and a Specializing module. Teachers will come from Jordan and EU. ICT will be used for distance learning.Oc: n. 90 experts trained in REEE; Op: training contents updated; technological training platform set.5.Supporting employment of trained experts in the networked bodiesOc: more companies involved in REEE. Public administrations oriented to sustainable interventions and regulationsOp: n. 30 participants employed.6.Diffusion.Oc: International collaboration on REEE improved; awareness raised. Op: 2 conferences held; website; video with players and plants.
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