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Master in Management Administration

Objectives • To educate students for a very practical "Network Facilitation" role, in response to changes in the nature of Work (Intellectual Capital & Networks), Organisation (Virtual & Team based) and Administration (Electronic / Paperless). • To provide a continuous higher-level management education, in response to strong student demand (note: 52% of the current Management Assistant students at Plantijnhogeschool have requested to do this MMA for 2007 / 2008). Main activities • To provide strong practical training in the Strategic, Human & Technical aspects of: setting up, running and co-ordinating large networks of information based workers, team leaders and project facilitators. Expected Competences • Creative Problem Solving & Innovation • Entrepreneurship & Customer / Client Value • Workplace & Systems Efficiency and Technical Competencies • Individual Motivation, Commitment and Stress Reduction • Lifelong Learning and Continuous Updating
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